Electronic Warfare - Range Deception in a Practical Experiment with a Rotating 8 GHz Pulse Radar and Aresia's Active Target

Aresia's Active Target Works Perfectly For Range and Speed Deception Training on SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar

Emergency Phases and Rescue Coordination Center

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Barrage-Noise Jamming Detection with FreeScopes

The Importance of Consistent Monitoring and Enhanced Perception in Rescue Coordination Centers

Understanding Rescue Coordination Centers

Cleaning A-Scope and PPI from Barrage Jamming Attacks

Cleaning Radar Signals in the A-Scope

FreeScopes Recording and Replay Features (Video)

Pedagogically Enhanced Monitoring System in Intuitive FreeScopes Style (Video)

Spot and Barrage Jamming - A Training Solution For Military And Homeland Security Qualification (Videos)

Transition From Aeronautical Information Service to Aeronautical Information Management




iMM Tracking - Extension of the Kalman Filter on Lateral Positions

Tracking for Pulse Radars – the Kalman Filter

Various Algorithms for Moving Targets Applied on FMCW Raw Data (Video)

SkyRadar's Monitoring System for ATSEP - Integrating Radar & Tower Simulator, 8 GHz Pulse Radar, as well as Several Technical Training Labs (Video)

Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity in Air Traffic Control

The Enchanting Singing and Dancing of the Radars (Video)

Estabilishing Cybersecurity Structures and Procedures in Air Traffic Control - a Webinar (Video)

2-Dimensional Constant false alarm rate CFAR Explained Using FreeScopes (Video)

NextGen Pulse Radar Implementation and Application Test by Ulisses Sodré de Almeida, Edasim Brazil

FMCW add-on: Catching Movements with a Simple Arrangement of Range-FFT, Threshold and PPI (Video)

NextGen 8 GHz: Catching Moving Targets with CFAR, MTD and a Heatmap (Video)

Using the NextGen Module with a 24 GHz FMCW Radar Extension

Modular 24 GHz PSR Extension to the 8 GHz NextGen Pulse Module

Spectrogram in FreeScopes - What is it Good for in Radar Technology? (Video)

Heatmap of Range and Doppler Made Visible with Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) (Video)

MTI and MTI with Post Processing Applied to Data from the 24 GHz Noise Radar

Kalman Filter for Intelligent Tracking

I and Q Signals - How Are They Treated in Digital Signal Processing (Video)

Firefighting Trainer - Distributed Control System Simulation Now Also Available for the Oil and Gas Industry (Video)

Source Suppression with FreeScopes (Video)

Comparing Various Algorithms That Display Moving Objects (MTI, MTI PP, MTD, MTD DF) (Video)

Studying Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation, Including Developing and Applying Aviation Cybersecurity Risk Assessment (IEEE-Journal Article)

Comparing PPI Radar Images of Raw Data and Data Treated with Moving Target Indication (Video)

Standing Person Recognition Algorithm SPRA

New 3D Airport Rescue & Firefighting Simulation (Videos)

The Enhanced Moving Target Detection in Radar Technology

The Enhanced MTI Process with Post-Processing in Radar Technology

Empowering ATSEP & ATCO - Holistic Qualification Infrastructure Including Tower Simulators, Monitoring, Cybersecurity, Radar and Technical Labs

Video: FFT Plot of a Pulsed Doppler Radar Implemented with SkyRadar's NextGen Radar and FreeScopes

A New Beautiful Video of Plots and Tracks with Speed-Vector in FreeScopes ATC I with the NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar (Video)

Cyber-attacks & ATC - Don't Panic, But Act Now!

Cybersecurity & ATSEP: Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

Cybersecurity & ATSEP: Incident management in Security Operations Centers

Cybersecurity & ATSEP: Typical tools in Security Operations Centers

Cybersecurity & ATSEP: Security Operations Centers (SOC) in ATC

Challenges in Automotive Radars - To be addressed in Radar Training

Introduction into SkyRadar’s Breach, Attack and Defense Simulator for ATSEP Training

Cybersecurity in Aviation and Air Traffic Control: Regulatory Bodies, Existing Solutions and ATSEP Qualification Requirements

Cybersecurity & Air Traffic Control : Revisiting Techniques Used in Cyber-Attacks and Cyber-Defense

Preventing Cyber Attacks in Modern Aviation & Air Traffic Control: an Overview

Cyber Security in ATC - Lessons Learnt from Gartner's 2021 Cybersecurity Trend Report and its Implications on ATSEP Training

The B-Scopes in FreeScopes 7 (Video)

NextGen Pulse Training Radar & FreeScopes 7 - Beautiful Images in the PPI & a Thrilling Technology (Video)

Why is the FFT Plot of a pulsed-Doppler radar mirrored? (Video)

A Cyber-Security Training Solution for ATSEP in Air Traffic Management

SkyRadar's FMCW Training Radar and FreeScopes 7 - A Perfect Match

Understanding Radar Antenna Beams, Half Power Beam Width (HPBW) and First Null Beam Width (FNBW)

Radar Operators, Don't Get Tricked by Aircraft Flying in Formation !

The ICAO's Aviation Cybersecurity Strategy & ATSEP Qualification

Windowing Functions in Radar Technology

ATSEP Education in ATM Cyber Security

Intelligent Radar Sensors Integrated into the Industrial Internet of Things

Airport Firefighting Training Systems - Real Life Training Equipment in Sync with Virtual Reality (Videos)

FreeScopes 7 - Module Basic II

FreeScopes 7 - Module Basic I

FreeScopes Version 7 is available now! With Modular Radar Block Diagrams and Lots of New Features

Multiple Firefighters Work together in SkyRadar's ARFF Simulator - And See Each Other (Video)

3D A-Scopes for Multi-Dimensional Radar Data Analysis (Video)

Airport Firefighter Training Solutions by SkyRadar

Development Service for Radar Algorithms in ATC and Industry

FreeScopes 7 - Modular Block Diagrams and a Large Library of Scopes, Filters and Algorithms (Video)

What is machine learning: the ID3 Classifier

EUROPEAN PATENT EP 2 923 642 A1- Application agnostic sensor, control computer and methods for operating

e-Health is On Its Way to Success- and Here is Our Patent

NextGen 8 GHz Pulse & Doppler Radar - the Only Training Radar Allowing to Play On the Complete Signal Conversion Chain

Why should Safety-Nets Be Implemented in Radar and Tower Simulators

Radar and Tower Simulators: How to design Academy and OPS Simulators in an Effective and Collaborative Way

Understanding A-SMGCS Functionality – What is Important in a Tower Simulator?

Technical Features of a Tower Simulator including an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS)

SkyRadar offers Development Services - Algorithms, Concepts and Architecture to Excel Machines, Platform and the Crowd

3D Tower Simulator & Radar Simulator - Saving Costs and Offering Highest Training Variety With Challenging Imaginary Airports and FIR

Internet of Things: Why Will It Come and When, Who Will Provide the Platforms and How Can We Make Money With It?

Radar & 2D Tower Simulator - The Smart Way into a Modular Suite of Radars & Tower Simulators

NextGen 8 GHz Comfort Set - The Economical Entrance into a Modular Suite of Radars & Tower Simulators

Training Radars and Tower Simulators - Building the Complete Solution Step by Step - Even With Limited Budget

Tower and Radar Simulators - Sometimes Upgrading the Existing Solution Allows For Benefitting from Novelties Without Exceeding a Tight Budget Frame

Get Up To 10,000 EUR For Your Old Training Radar When Replacing It With SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Series

Understanding MTI, MTD and How to Apply them with FreeScopes (Videos)

Customers' ATC Choice - The cost-effective Training Radar Package for ATCO & ATSEP Requirements

What makes a great Tower Simulator and Radar Simulator?

Packaged Solutions and Transparent Pricing

Free e-Learning on Radar Basics and SAR

Radar Training for ATC - A Reference Configuration

Radar Qualification for ATCO and ATSEP - Is PowerPoint Based Training Good Enough?

Understanding the Internet of Things and the Key Role, Radar Is Expected To Play

What is an Aerodrome Simulator, a Tower Simulator and a Radar Simulator?

What does ATSEP mean?

Why is a Military ATC Simulator (Tower Simulator / APP / ACC) Significantly Different Form a Simulator for Civil ATC?

Integrating Tower Simulators, Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Training Systems and Distributed Control Systems to Prepare for Emergency Situations

Tutorial - What is Machine Learning (ML) ?

Blended Learning in Post-COVID-times - Building On Lessons Learned

NavAids Step-by-Step Video Introduction

SkyRadar - Simple Deliveries and Training in Times of COVID-19 and of Restricted Travelling

Tracking - Understanding Plots, Tracks and Labels in the Plan Position Indicator

AIAC and ENIB Launch a Double Diploma Program on Both Sides of the Mediterranean Sea

Modular Curriculum for ATSEP and ATCO training with SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar

NavAids: Video Introduction to SkyRadar's Localizer CSB and SBO Signaling

24 GHz FMCW Radar - Training Exercise Manual

How To Qualify ATCO & ATSEP for Preventing Accidents and For Keeping Control in Precarious Situations

Analyzing the Tragic Accident of the Pakistan International Airline Flight 8303 on 22 May 2020

Social Distancing, Blended Learning and Virtual Labs with SkyRadar

Radar Education - Let Us Bury the Cold War Paradigm!

Comprehensive Training Manual

Curriculum for NextGen 8 GHz Pulse, 24 GHz PSR and 24 GHz FMCW

NavAids: Video Introduction to SkyRadar's Localizer Array Antenna Beamforming

Walking through the Basic Functions of FreeScopes (Video)

An Introduction to I/Q Signals

Power Spectral Density Analysis - a Feature in FreeScopes

24 GHz PSR & NextGen 8GHz Pulse Radar - Training Exercise Manual

Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation - A Role Model for Future Oriented Education in Times of COVID-19

SkyRadar NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar: Video on the Measurement of the Radar Cross Section in PPI and A-Scope

2 Years Course - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

NextGen Artificial Intelligence Vol. I including AI Solutions for Image Recognition and Classification

SkyRadar NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar: Video on the Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) in PPI and A-Scope

Tutorial - Using the NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Module for Artificial Intelligence to Understand Finger-Counting-Based Gestures

Video Introduction to SkyRadar's NavAids Simulator - VHF Omnidirectional Range VOR

Video Introduction to SkyRadar's NavAids Simulator - Polar Beam Patterns

Optimizing Cargo Processes after COVID-19 - IATA's e-Cargo fits perfectly!

Tutorial: Overview of Results in the Domain of Classifications of RADAR Objects Using Hidden Markov Models, Neural Networks and Other M.L. Techniques

COVID-19 Impact & Aftermaths: Digitization of ATCO & ATSEP Qualification

Tutorial: Support Vector Machines for Automatic RADAR Recognition - A Theoretical Foundation

Tutorial: Understanding Machine Learning and Deep Learning

SkyRadar's NavAids Simulator including ILS, DME and VOR. A Detailed Introduction (Video)

Air Traffic Control and ATC-Qualification Need To Get Structurally Prepared On Pandemics

The Powers and Limits of Bayesian Classifiers (Tutorial)

Video Introduction to SkyRadar's NavAids Simulator - ILS, DME and VOR (Video)

SkyTalks - Preventing Transmission of Infectious Disease

SkyRadar NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar: Comparing Fixed Threshold with C-FAR (Video)

Strengthening Team Building through Simulators

NextGen 8 GHz Radar - Working with FreeScopes and the Floating Panels (VIDEO)

Understanding ICAO's NGAP Programme Targeting NextGen Aviation Professionals

The NextGen 8 GHz Pulse AI - It Is Time for a Revolution

The New NavAids Simulator - The Practitioners' Tool for ATSEP and ATCO

FreeScopes 6.0 - Presenting "Clean" Targets Quickly and Comfortably

Gender Equality - An Opportunity to Develop the Capacities of ATC Personnel

Artificial Intelligence: Hidden Markov Model Classifiers and RADAR Objects Classification by Machine Learning 2/2

Types of Skills Acquired Through Simulator Training in Air Traffic Control

Building Headcount of Aviation Professionals - What ICAO is Doing & What Aviation Academies Need to Do

Procuring a Simulator, a Wise and Cost-Effective Decision

NextGen ATC –Training with Technology is the Key to Attracting and Retaining Millennial Talent

The Importance of Simulator-based Training and Its Role in ATC

Artificial Intelligence: Hidden Markov Model Classifiers and RADAR Objects Classification by Machine Learning 1/2

NextGen ATC - Millennials Learn Better through Applied Technology

What is a Flight Plan and How to fill it?

Flight 752: Why ADS-B and A.I. Should Be Applied Together

Understanding Air Traffic Control Clearance

Artificial Intelligence - Anatomy of the LeNet-1 Convolutional Network and How It Can Be Used in Order to Classify RADAR Data

How to Build the Technical and Procedural Skill-Set in Air Traffic Control

NextGen ATC - How Do Millennials Learn

Artificial Intelligence - Understanding the Main Operations in Convolution Neural Networks for RADAR Data Classification

Artificial Intelligence - A Short Overview of Classification Techniques for RADAR Targets through Neural Networks 2/2

Artificial Intelligence: A Short Overview of Classification Techniques for RADAR Targets through Neural Networks (1/2)

Ready for the Next Generation - Tapping into Millennial Learning Styles

Understanding The Concepts of Range and Bearing

Artificial Intelligence: Important Aspects of Neural Networks Applied to Radar Systems

Is your Aviation Academy Attractive for the Next Generation?

Artificial Intelligence: Deep Learning in Radar Detection - Getting Prepared for Tomorrow, Now!

Read out the IQ data via our Programming Interface (Web-API) - And use it in MATLAB, Jupyter etc

Release 6.x - A Powerful Radar Package for Universities and ATC Qualification

The New FMCW Training Radar Series 6.x - More Powerful, More Accurate, More Fun

Endorsing W3C's Contract for the Web

AI is a Key Pillar in ICAO's Next Gen Radar Infrastructure - Impacting Technology, Procedures & Qualification

A Completely Reworked PSR Radar Training System

SkyRadar has been awarded "Best Aviation & Radar Technical Training Equipment Company - Europe"

FreeScopes for PSR and NextGen 8 GHz Pulse(Version 6.x)

Why Concurrent & Independent Experiments on Radars & Simulators Bring so Much Benefit

FreeScopes for FMCW (Version 6.x)

Tower, APP and ACC simulator for ATSEP and ATCO Qualification

Good Air Traffic Management can reduce 15% of CO2 Emission and Fuel Consumption

Detailed Information on Compliance with Standards and Regulations of SkyRadar's Aerodrome Simulator

The Most Precise Training SAR in the World - Insights, Video Footage, Background-Information

Advancing RADAR for everyone - A Vision

TrainAir Plus… A Path to Growing Your Training Center

Introducing SkyRadar's Surveillance Simulator for ICAO-based ATSEP training

TrainAir Plus Working to Solve Aviation’s Manpower Shortage

FMCW-module and SAR-module: How do they work together?

ATSEP & ATCO: 5 Success Factors for Your Integrated Aerodrome & Radar Training System

Regional TrainAir Plus Centre of Excellence & Compliance - What You Need to Consider

Familiarizing ATCO & ATSEP with Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) for Air Traffic Control

The Advantages of Being a TrainAir Plus Partner of Excellence and How to Get There

8.2 Billion Air Travellers in 2037 (IATA) - What needs to change in ATC & how will that impact training

e-Cargo & Cargo Handling System for Aviation Safety & Security training (AVSEC)

Benefits of Being a TrainAir Plus Member

Understanding the Relevancy of Competency-Based Training for ATCO and ATSEP Trainees