In this article we show a video on RGPO-counter-measures enhanced by an MIT and by a Cluttermap in a comparison. We conducted the RGPO with SkySim and the Electronic Warfare extension. The electronic counter-countermeasures are part of the FreeScopes Library.

This video introduces two countermeasures against Range-Gate-Pull-Off Attacks.

RGPO Detection Block enhanced by a Clutter-map or an MTI

The core countermeasure to both countermeasures is a basic prediction based algorithm which we call RGPO Detection Block. Read our introduction article explaining the block in all detail.

Now we integrate this block with two algorithms to get even better results:

  • Clutter-map enhanced RGPO Detection Block
  • MTI enhanced RGPO Detection Block

Compare the performance of both. 

Progression from Basic RGPO Detection to Enhancements

This article progresses from introducing the RGPO Detection Block to evaluating enhancements: Clutter-map and MTI Enhanced RGPO Detection Blocks. Using SkySim and the Electronic Warfare extension, we compare their effectiveness in countering RGPO attacks. This analysis, supported by the FreeScopes Module "ATC Disturbance Filtering and Analysis I"  highlights how integrated solutions can blend the advantages of several algorithms to lead to better detection rates.

This comparison demonstrates our commitment to developing sophisticated radar countermeasures. By integrating advanced algorithms with the RGPO Detection Block, we enhance radar systems' ability to accurately detect and respond to electronic threats, ensuring improved security in defense and surveillance applications.

Many Applications for Electronic Warfare

Follow our blogs and videos on Electronic Warfare with SkyRadar's Disturbance Filtering & Analysis solutions, the jammers and the Pulse Radar! SkyRadar is the only provider world-wide, providing manufacturer-agnostic ECM and ECCM training with simulators and real radars and jammers. Learn more about the simulator, range deception, angle deception, speed deception, radar lock on and major state of the art defense algorithms against malicious attacks.

Such defense is not only useful in a military context but also in a civil aviation setting. Increasingly speed radar jammers by trucks and cars disturb airport infrastructure. Also hybrid warfare is used to perturb critical infrastructure like airports and civil air surveillance and navigation services.

Please note that all delivery is subject to the EU export regulations. Also this blog publication and video do not share classified information.

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