We started more than 10 years ago. We were driven by the idea of blending radar and Web technology. Our idea was to bring radars to unknown performance, all while bringing costs down to the bottom-line. Now we are adding medical applications, robotics, AI and industrial applications. And it is just the beginning...

Initial puzzlement rapidly vanished. Today, SkyRadar has its fixed place in the Air Traffic Control market. We were able to attract a wonderful team of experts from all over the world, bridging radar, cloud and AI technologies. But for us this is just the beginning.


During the last years we brought close range radar resolution to perfection. We took technologies like Synthetic Aperture Radar and Moving Target Indication, which were far too long incarcerated in military applications and adapted them to civil and life-saving domains.

We are keen on applying our technology on robots. And global players in the domain are already with us. Imagine robots with intelligent radar-based eyes, Radar sensors by definition see a quantitative 3D environment, whereas cameras see a qualitative 2D image. Imagine a technology, where the radar-vision is continuously improving through artificial intelligence. Radar can become much more autonomous, with eyes that control their navigation, scan product quality and avoid collisions and accidents.

And look at eHealth which thrills me in particular and which promises to disrupt the world of medicine as we know it right now. We are able to long-term monitor the health of your beloved parents or kids and even recognizing them individually due to their heart patterns. The traditional Holter-cardiac-diagrams measure the progress of heart performance over 24 h. Imagine we do that every night, day after day, month after month. Our AI-based algorithms track, compare, and alert if necessary. And imagine the robot-nurse, being there 24/7, always vigilent - as equiped with SkyRadar's radar-based eyes.


Normally, when we reach that point of our talk, our counterparts start taking over the discussion: "what about access and perimeter control, drone detection, what about urban management, what about ..."

What about having a decent conversation with us.
Because together we can see more...

with SkyRadar, you see more ...

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