The new release 7.7.0 for FeeScopes and SkySim comes on Feb 28, 2023. It includes major improvements in ATC I and extensions of ATC II. Disturbance Filtering & Analysis I and 2 SkySim packages are joining the product family.

  Package Feature Update

Plots and Tracks enhanced plots and tracks solution.
MTI PP improved memory management
MTD improved memory management
MTD DF improved memory management
Standing Person Recognition improved functionality

Doppler Filter added to the package
Signal Delay Block added to the package
ClutterMap added to the package
Clutter Map Subtraction added to the package
Zero Velocity Filter added to the package
Kalman Filter improved functionality
iMM improved functionality
Disturbance Filtering
& Analysis I
Barrage Noise Jamming detection added to the package
Range Deception detection added to the package
Radar Functionalities
Pulse added to the package
Pulse Compression added to the package
Pulse Doppler added to the package
Noise & Deception
Barrage Noise Jamming added to the package
Spot Noise Jamming added to the package
Range Deception added to the package

FreeScopes ATC I enhancements

We mainly improved the features of ATC I.

The Plots and Tracks functionality has been improved. It is now easier to handle in classroom scenarios.

The moving target applications MTI PP, MTD and MTD DF where a challenge in cases of many concurrent users. We reduced the requirement of server RAM for these applications.

The standing person recognition algorithm has been improved too.

FreeScopes ATC II got bigger and better

In ATC II we improved the functionalities of Kalman Filter and the interactive multiple model iMM.

We added Doppler Filter, Signal Delay Block, Clutter Map, Clutter Map Subtraction and Zero Velocity Filter to the ATC II package.

Disturbance Filtering & Analysis

Disturbances through accidental or malicious jamming of radar systems are getting more and more common. We added the disturbance filtering & analysis I package to the FreeScopes family. It includes the detection and compensation of barrage noise jamming as well as the detection and compensation of range deception.


In addition to the live radars (currently NextGen 8 GHz Pulse, 24 GHz FMCW and 24 GHz Noise radar) we now add the technical radar simulator SkySim.

It is not supposed to be a replacement of the real life radar but rather a complement. We can vary between various radar types and implement versatile scenarios and use cases. It is also helpful for pure distance learning arrangements.

The release 7.7.0 includes the following packages:

Radar Functionalities

This package includes the following radar modes:

  • Pulse
  • Pulse Compression
  • Pulse Doppler

Noise & Deception

This package includes the following jamming and deception attacks:

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