On April 17-18, I had the privilege of attending a bi-national sector conference focused on addressing security and defense challenges related to space. The event was of significant national importance, underscored by the esteemed presence of Their Royal Highnesses Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (front left in the photo), King Philippe of Belgium (front middle), as well as the Luxembourgish and Belgian Ministers of Defense.

©️CC - Petit Charles-Edouard

SkyRadar's Future in Space Technology Training Solutions

At SkyRadar, we are committed to expanding our training solutions for Air Traffic Control (ATC) to include space. Building upon our expertise in ATC solutions, we aim to explore interdisciplinary fields such as technology (SUR, COM, NAV, DPR, SMC), cybersecurity, and defense. This commitment aligns with our mission to provide comprehensive and innovative training solutions that meet the evolving needs of the aerospace industry.

The Future Space should remain Demilitarized

Given the rapid pace of technical innovation, updating and extending international treaties on demilitarized space is crucial. This will significantly impact the direction of hybrid defense strategies in space. Stay tuned with our publications as we will continue to explore this topic. Our goal is to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding space security and defense, ensuring that we are prepared to address emerging challenges in this critical domain.

Last but not least I would personally like to thank LUXINNOVATION for the outstanding organisation of the mission and the colleagues from LIST, Thales Alenia Space, Luxembourg University, Liège University, UC Louvain, and IMEC for their valuable insights and discussions on and off the panels.

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