This video illustrates how the SMC software, the distributed control system and the 3D virtual reality provide a perfect learning experience to ATSEP.

This video illustrates the interdependencies in a simplified system. SkyRadar provides detailed reference architectures for many use cases in the ATM world. Have a look at the PSR reference architecture.

DCS stands for Distributed Control System. The DCS provides the typical view of a (geographically) distributed system with autonomous controllers but centralized monitoring & control. The System Monitoring & Control View (SMC) provides a different angle to it, allowing to focus on specific performance indicators instead of displaying the system in its interdependencies.

In the video above, we focus on the mix of virtualized and simulated elements. SkySMC is able to mix virtualized, simulated and real ATM hardware. Watch this video to see the interplay

SkyRadar's System Monitoring & Control Solution

SkySMC - SkyRadar’s System Monitoring and Control Suite is a pedagogically enhanced, fully operational monitoring & control tool. We have optimized it to cater for the ATSEP-SMC training compliant to EASA's Easy Access Rules for ATM-ANS (Regulation (EU) 2017/373) and ICAO Doc 10057.

SkyRadar provides SkySMC as a complete laboratory in a turn-key approach, or as a service.

SkySMC is not a simulator, but a fully operational open monitoring system. It comes by default with a server including various virtualized applications and virtualized servers, but also connects to simulated systems. In addition, there are various hardware extensions available including training infrastructures, monitorable training radars, or even complete ATM systems, all connected to the System Monitoring & Control solution. 

SkyRadar's System Monitoring & Control training system can be easily blended into distance learning solutions.

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