The new Air Traffic Safety Electronics Journal is out. The Journal evaluates the Opportunities of Threats of AI to the Aviation sector with contributions from Adeyinka Olumuyiwa Qsunwusi, Sallami Chougdali and Sam Mahlangu. Ulrich Scholten and Dennis Vasilev discuss ATSEP training and changing roles in the light of connected, automated systems and emerging AI.

Adeyinka Olumuyiwa Qsunwusi sets the AI revolution with focus on the African Continent into a canon of continuous changes including digitalization, automation, virtualization, cloud computing, harmonization and globalization - all in the context of limited financial resources. To me the editorial article "Artificial Intelligence in Aviation -The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" is so important because all discussion partners are important players who shape the aviation sector in Africa. And through their roles in the Aviation Africa Plate-forme, in IFATSEA but also in their influence on ATSEP skill development on the African continent, they will shape the future.

No surprise that they see opportunities like enhanced safety and security, collaborative decision-making, or predictive maintenance. But similar to Ulrich Scholten in his interview, they emphasize the lack of regulatory and policy frameworks regarding the use of AI in international navigation.

The Journal is worth reading and available for free under this link


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