SkyRadar is dedicated to providing innovative ATSEP training solutions in air traffic management. In this video, we introduce the troubleshooting panel as part of the digital twin environment, generated with SkySMC.

SkyRadar and Digital Twins

In a previous article we introduced digital twins deployed with the SkySMC environment to meet EASA Easy Access Rules and ICAO Doc 10057. Digital twins are virtual copies of real systems, allowing users to interact with simplified, pedagogical and focused air traffic control systems in real time without risk. SkyRadar's solutions support concurrent learning for multiple users at different levels and locations. It also prevents wear on actual systems by practicing maintenance and problem-solving virtually. Our approach combines virtualization, simulation, and virtual reality, mapping the contents of EASA's qualification goals in the Easy Access Rules. We focus on creating realistic, yet simplified, training environments that incorporate live data and can connect with SkyRadar's training hardware. Digital worlds and logic are accomplished through virtualized infrastructures where ever possible. Virtualized means we use full fledged virtual servers and networks, and real digital signal processing systems. Other solutions like UPSs or electrical systems need to be simulated, as they do not exist in the virtual world. Some data might be recorded live data (like recorded radar logs).  

Video on the Troubleshooting Panel

In the following video we introduce the troubleshooting panel. It allows trainees to monitor and control virtual, or real systems. The shows troubleshooting panel is focused on SURVEILLANCE. Other confirgurations are available, or in preparation (DPR, COM, NAV). In the SkySMC toolset, SkyRadar provides editing tools to create custom-made panels from scratch.

Let's talk

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