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SkySMC - SkyRadar’s System Monitoring and Control Suite is a pedagogically enhanced, fully operational monitoring tool. We have optimized it to cater for the ATSEP-SMC training compliant to EASA's Easy Access Rules for ATM-ANS (Regulation (EU) 2017/373) and ICAO Doc 10057.

SkySMC is not a simulator, but a fully operational open monitoring system. It comes by default with a server including various virtualized applications and virtualized servers. There are various hardware extensions available from a training infrastructures and monitorable training radars to complete ATM systems

SkyRadar's System Monitoring & Control training system can be easily blended into distance learning solutions.


  • Configurable Monitoring and Control Software (SMC) in "FreeScopes" style
  • Several views, including SMC view and Distributed Control System view
  • Continuous (graphs over time) and discrete analytics (status indicators)
  • Various communication protocols including SNMP, JSON
  • Monitoring of any external system through IP-address and Object Identifier (OID). 
  • Virtualized ATC environment including various virtualized applications and servers.
  • Extensions - The solution can be connected to
    • the 8 GHz Training Radar, motor and server
    • a fully operational Air Traffic Management system and tower simulator providing error messages (extension).
    • a pedagogical server-rack with various servers, networks, UPS and possibilities to create faults and errors
    • a configurable multi-sensor module, allowing to monitor any device or system on parameters like voltage, current, illumination, pressure, temperature and many more and connected technical training labs, enabling to set up a monitoring system and to train error fixing from scratch.



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