Celebrating Academic Excellence: Student-Led Project Supported by SkyRadar Secures Victory in UCL's 'How to Change the World Competition,' Pioneering Solutions for Enhanced Air Quality in London.

We won with an Innovative ATM Solution! How To Change The World, an annual project competition held at the University College London, brought together second-year engineering students from diverse backgrounds to address pressing global challenges. Our mission was to enhance air quality in London by tackling the pollution issue at Heathrow Airport.

Our winning solution was the creation of an advanced Arrival Management System (AMAN) intricately integrated with the Single European Sky (SES) framework and powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI). This AI system assumes control of aircraft even before flight controllers, allowing for precise speed adjustments, avoidance of local disruptions, and a significant reduction in the need for holding patterns over London.

This innovative approach not only promises the greatest impact at the lowest cost but also offers the swiftest potential implementation. In essence, our idea revolves around an extended adaptation of the Single European Sky concept, aimed at reducing holding patterns for aircraft and curbing the release of harmful exhaust emissions over London.

We are aware that remote control of aircraft brings other challenges i.e. cybersecurity and the trust in AI-driven remote optimization. However in a first step such ground-to-air control could be only indicative, leaving the decision to the pilot (similar to an ILS system).

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Susanne Plougheld Lorenzen and Chris Cox, Ulrich Scholten, and SkyRadar for their invaluable support and guidance throughout our project.

Click on the project image below poster to see the details or download the pdf.

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