Pricing - NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar Training System

8 GHz Base Unit Set 

€ 19,000
  • FreeScopes Basic I 
  • Pulse Radar
  • Doppler Radar
  • Parabolic Reflector
  • 5 Concurrent Students
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the integrated Pulse and Doppler Radar

8 GHz Comfort Set

€ 37,000
  • incl. 8 GHz Base Unit Set
  • FreeScopes Basic II
  • Rotary Tripod
  • many analytic features
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C-FAR, RCS, Windows Functions and MTI

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8 GHz Customers' ATC Choice 

€ 65,500
  • incl. Comfort Set
  • FreeScopes ATC I
  • FreeScopes ATC II
  • Cloud Server for Intranet and LMS
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for 100+
concurrent Students.

8 GHz Premium Set 

On Request
  • incl. 8 GHz Customer's choice
  • ATC Monitoring Lab
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  NEW!   Including
Monitoring Lab for ATC



100+ concurrent users can access the radar in real-time!

The system provides concurrent access to many users at the same time. All users can do their independent filtering, measurements and scopes on the radar raw data. The scopes can be included into learning management systems (e.g., Moodle), including access management. In addition, the system is completely modular and can be used for outside experiments, with students (5+) accessing the system directly.


The only full PSR & SSR 
training  system world-wide!

The SkyRadar training suite operates Primary and Secondary Radar modules with one browser-based graphical user interface (FreeScopes). Primary Radar includes Pulse, CW, Pulse, FMCW, MTI or SAR. The secondary live ADS-B radar allows tracking live aircrafts through a portable antenna. The PSR & SSR simulator includes Pulse, CW, FMCW, SAR, iSAR, SSR (Mode A/C and S), Collision avoidance and more.


Modular to match your needs and your budget!

You can start without any budget at all. Just type and get your free of charge scopes (A-scope, B-scope, PPI), filters (threshold, STC, MIT etc.) and analysis system. And starting with the really economic base module, you can - step by step - build up the system of your dreams.


Universities, air traffic and military academies!

The modular radar training system perfectly fits into research and education needs of universities, providing interfaces to programs like Matlab, a research portal with recents publications and many more. For ATC and military academies, the system has special modules like the ADS-B training or a security module to respond jammers or fake targets.


"A wonderful system, responding to academic goals as well as to industry requirements. Blends perfectly into our aeronautic curriculum."

Dr.-Ing. Rachid M'Saadi, Director of SUP'AERO, Morocco


"We have implemented the SkyRadar systems in several countries in Military and Air Traffic Control Academies. The perfect radar training hardware."

Pierre Henri Guisan, CEO at SkySoft-ATM, Switzerland