FreeScopes has evolved into the leading training environment for handling and visualizing radar I/Q data. We have added some nice features, which allow to easily include FreeScopes experiments into training programs or learning management systems.


Record and Replay

Students and teachers can record radar I/Q data and replay it e.g. after class or in the context of distance learning. When researching, the same sample data can be analyzed with different filters and algorithms. This will allow for perfect comparability.


Export A URL to Share Preconfigured Blockdiagramms

Teachers can now prepare specific blockdiagramms and share them with their students. They could even use Learning Management Systems to share the preset exercise among students. This saves time and make practical work more efficient.

On the use hand students might share an experiment set-up with their teacher, e.g. to discuss technical problems or findings.


Export the Data to MATLAB

Especially in a university context, students might be required to develop own algorithms. Our livestream feature to MATLAB does this in a comfortable way.

Read the full article on livestreaming to MATLAB.


Refreshing and Keeping the Data

When working remotely, network connections are not always stable. We added a nice but time-saving improvement. After refreshing a screen, e.g. after it froze due to an interrupted network connection, the browser will keep the settings in all blocks of the blockdiagramm.

Let's talk

The features presented are part of the Record, Replay and Livestream Package.

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