advanced-menu-icon specializes in radar training and simulation solutions tailored for educational purposes. Their product family is specifically developed to provide comprehensive training and education in radar technology. The target institutions for these solutions are aviation academies, military academies, and universities. The key components of SkyRadar's product portfolio include:

Primary and Secondary Training Radars 

These radars are designed to offer hands-on training in radar operation, enabling learners to acquire practical skills in radar principles, target detection, and tracking. The Modular Radar Suite by SkyRadar is a flexible system supporting various radar technologies. It includes Pulse, FMCW, noise radar transceivers, and antennas, designed for plug-and-play integration. This modular approach provides versatility and allows for easy interchangeability of radar components (read more  on Primary and Secondary Training Radars).

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

With FreeScopes, places significant importance on DSP techniques in their solutions. DSP plays a critical role in radar systems, facilitating efficient signal analysis, advanced radar functionalities, and enhanced target detection capabilities.'s focus on DSP techniques underscores the importance they place on advanced signal processing in radar systems (read more  on Digital Signal Processing).


Radar simulators provided by create virtual environments for training purposes. Users can practice radar operations, analyze radar data, and simulate various scenarios, providing a valuable learning experience (read more on Simulators).

Jammers / Active Targets

The company offers jamming systems that simulate and counteract radar jamming techniques. These systems enhance understanding of radar vulnerabilities and countermeasures, enabling users to develop effective strategies to mitigate the effects of jamming (read more  ).

System Monitoring and Control Solutions provides solutions for monitoring and controlling ATM systems, enabling operators to optimize ATM performance, monitor system health, and ensure smooth operation (read more on Jammers / Active Targets).

Tower and Radar Simulator

SkyRadar's comprehensive tower and radar simulator combines realistic tower control interfaces and radar displays, creating an immersive training environment for air traffic controllers and radar operators. Users can practice their skills and simulate real-world scenarios (read more Tower and Radar Simulator).

Full Training Labs for ATSEP

SkyRadar offers full training labs for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP). These labs cover a wide range of topics, including electronics, analog and digital communication, antenna labs, ATSEP-focused electro-mechanical labs, troubleshooting labs, and more. These labs provide comprehensive training for ATSEP professionals, equipping them with the necessary skills for their roles in ensuring safe and efficient air traffic management.

By targeting aviation academies, military academies, and universities, SkyRadar aims to provide these institutions with comprehensive and practical radar training solutions.

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