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ATSEP Use Cases: Impact of Processing Issues due to Resolution Errors in ATC

In the field of air traffic control (ATC), ensuring the accuracy and precision of systems and equipment is of utmost importance. However, even with the most advanced technology and well-trained personnel, errors can still occur. One type of error that can significantly impact the performance of ATC systems is processing errors due to resolution. In this article, we will define processing errors due to resolution, discuss their impact on ATC, and explore steps that can be taken to prevent and rectify these errors.

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Setting Radar Frame Rate and Antenna Rotation Speed in the SkySim Technical Radar Simulator (Video)

SkySim provides simple settings for ATSEP and military radar qualification. Inhouse and distance learning are possible. This video shows in a short scene how to configure radar rotation speed and frame rate. Once set, it will change for all concurrently learning students.

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Cybersecurity in ATM: Investigating Cyber Incidents Using the 2FA Logs


Historically, security teams would advocate for their IT teams and management to approve the implementation of multi-factor authentication in order to reduce the impact of threats such as brute force attacks against passwords, mitigate fall out from phishing emails and other social engineering related attacks. For context, there are multiple methods of implementing two factor authentication, which includes but is not limited to, SMS based, voice and app based. Once an implementation is in place, this will provide security and incident response teams additional protection and more importantly, additional data points to investigate security alerts.

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What Can SkyRadar Do For Air Force Academies and Air Force Training Departments?

SkyRadar, provides cutting-edge training equipment for military radar operators and electronic warfare specialists. Our portfolio includes Training Radars, Jammers, Digital Signal Processing units, Electronic Counter-Countermeasures, Military Radar & Tower Simulators, C4ISR and CIEMG Training Laboratories, among others.

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Electronic Warfare - Detecting Range Gate Pull Off (RGPO) (VIDEO)

The RGPO Detection Block is an essential component of a radar system designed to detect and handle range deception data.

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ATSEP Use Cases: Receiver errors due to Monopulse Accuracy - Impact on Air Traffic Control Services

Receiver errors due to monopulse accuracy can have significant impacts on air traffic control (ATC) services. Monopulse accuracy is a technique used in radar systems to improve their accuracy in tracking targets. However, transmission errors related to monopulse accuracy can result in errors in the data received by ATC systems, leading to safety risks for aircraft in flight.

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Cybersecurity in ATM: Investigations Incidents with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Data

CASB solutions can help your business in addressing risk in cloud-based services, consistently enforce security policies and comply with regulations, even when these services reside beyond your perimeter and out of your direct control. The value stems from the ability to identify high-risk applications, users, and other key risk factors across cloud platforms - a potential blind spot for many businesses.

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ATSEP Use Cases: Impact of Load related Processing Errors in ATC

This article aims to explore the impact of processing errors due to load on ATC services, the steps to rectify and prevent these errors, and the factors responsible for them.

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SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Radar and FreeScopes DSP Software: Enhancing Radar Education at the Future of Education Technology Exhibition, USA

At Future of Education Technology Exhibition held from January 23-26, 2024, in Orange County, USA, SkyRadar's partner EDASIM showcased an innovative approach to radar technology education. The exhibition highlighted SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Radar along with its accompanying FreeScopes DSP and Visualisation & Control software. This blog post explores the key features and benefits of these products in the context of radar technology education.

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