FreeScopes Version 8 is the revolution for #ATSEP qualification training. It provides a more comfortable handling, includes mathematical features and signal generatiors. It also embraces a large library of block diagrams from the world of SUR, COM and NAV. Watch the Video.

The new FreeScopes Version 8 is now available. It is more than just an upgrade - we think it is a revolution for training of ATSEP, military users and university students. 

Let me tell you why. And don't miss at the end of the article.

Signal Generator

FreeScopes now allows to generate all relevant wave forms like sine waves, pulsed waves, triangular waves, sawtooth, etc.


You can blend the signal generator with 

  • live signals, e.g. coming from the NextGen radar or and ADS-B device
  • simulated data
  • recorded data from any origin. 

Mathematical Functions

We can do the important mathematical functions like add, subtract, multiply or divide.

This allows us to generate any block diagram from the world of Surveillance, Communication and Navigation easily and to execute them with a mix of data from live sources, simulated sources and the signal generator.


Large Libraries of Block Diagrams

SkyRadar holds a large libraries of block digrams from

  • Navigation (e.g., primary and secondary radars, modulation, demodulation),
  • Communication (e.g. voice or non voice block diagrams)
  • Navigation (e.g. ILS, DME, VOR)

Ease of Use

FreeScopes 8 can be configured easily. The fact that the scopes are now part of the block diagrams makes big diagrams easier to follow. Many other features like naming the blocks or chaning the color settings make it a powerful and easy to use infrastructure.

Watch the Video

Just watch the video and enjoy FreeScopes Version 8.

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