This modular laboratory allows training from radar basics to complex ATSEP calibration, parametrization and switching procedures. Optionally it can include a unit on electronic warfare. It also includes SkyRadar's SMC suite with a miniaturized ATM infrastructure.

Previously we introduced various laboratories for ATSEP and military users, including the electrical laboratory, the electronics lab, the analog and digital communication lab, the antenna lab and the electromechanical lab.

They all culminate in this radar and system monitoring & control lab, which has been conceived for civil ATSEP and with the Electronic Warfare Extension for military users equally.

The laboratory includes the following systems:

  • NextGen 8 GHz radar with FreeScopes Basic I, Basic II, ATC I and ATC II packages for digital signal processing and signal visualisation. Features are A-Scopes, B-Scopes, PPI, , 3D Scope, Heatmap, DC suppress, Threshold, STC, C-FAR, FFT, MTI, RCS, Windowing Functions (incl. Hann, Hamming, Blackman), Spectrogram, Plots and Tracks, MTD, iMM, Kalman filter, Zero Velocity filter, Clutter Map (subtraction), Doppler Filter and many more.
  • Active Target for jamming and range deception
  • Radar Simulator for the radar modes pulse, pulse compression, Doppler, FMCW and with variable transmission power, frequency, pulse width, antenna elevation, antenna rotation speed
  • Electronic Warfare Simulator Extension for Electronic Counter Measures such as spot & barrage jamming, angle and velocity deception as well as Range Gate Pull Off, Angle Gate Pull Off and Velocity Gate Pull Off.
  • Electronic Counter Counter Measures to contain the ECM features
  • Radar Trouble Shooting System to practice ATSEP-oriented analysis of transmitters and receivers including manual and automatic switching over
  • SkyRack with system monitoring and control applications like a touchscreen and a pedagogically enhanced SMC suite as well as an ATM structure in a nutshell (servers, networks, applications, 2 UPS, and more).

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This is quite a lot of information. Watch the video to get a clear picture of the solution. It is all modular. We can change the configuration, add and remove things. The important thing: many trainees can learn concurrently on the solutions due to our multi-tenancy architecture. 

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