SkyRack ATC - ATC Infrastructure for Monitoring and Control

SkyRack ATC - 2 sides for perfect training outcome 
A clean ATM-grade server cabinet on the front side.
A multitude of options for the trainer to degrade the system
on the rear-side (and through his software control panel)

EASA's Easy Access Rules for ATM-ANS (Regulation (EU) 2017/373) and ICAO Doc 10057 require ATSEP to be skilled on System Monitoring and Control. 

An important part are


  • Power
  • UPS and battery,
  • Environmental (heating,
  • Fire and security
  • etc.


  • Servers
  • Applications (e.g., FDPS)
  • Databases
  • Data communications
  • etc.

SkyRadar provides the SkyRack ATC as infrastructure for monitoring and control exercises with SkySMC, the pedagogical, but fully operating monitoring and control solution. SkyRack is not a stand-alone infrastructure. SkySMC can connect concurrently to Surveillance Infrastructure like the NextGen 8 GHz Radar, to our fully operational ATM system, to our virtual infrastructure or to any external system with standardized Object Identifier Codes (by ITU or/and ISO).


  • Server cabinet with rack
  • 3 server modules
  • Software applications and databases installed on the server modules
  • Switchable network routerboard10 Ports for the selective interruption of network connection
  • Switchable power strip for the selective interruption of power supply
  • 3 UPSs (min 3x750 W) with SNMP monitoring
  • Fan with thermostat
  • Fire detector with SNMP
  • LED illumination (blue)
  • Power strip for LED illumination



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Webinar: SkyRack ATC - System Monitoring and Control

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