SkyRack - ATC Infrastructure for Monitoring and Control

SkyRack ATC 
A clean ATM-grade server cabinet on the front side.
A multitude of options for the trainer to degrade the system
on the rear-side (and through his software control panel)

SkyRack is ATM-grade server cabinet. On the front side it includes a trouble shooting panel, measurement sockets, servers and 2 UPS. The read side offers a multitude of options for the trainer to degrade the system.

SkyRack is an infrastructure for monitoring and control exercises with SkySMC, the pedagogical, but fully operating monitoring and control solution. It can run together with the NextGen 8 GHz Radar, our fully operational ATM system, the virtual infrastructure or to any external system with standardized Object Identifier Codes (by ITU or/and ISO).


  • Server cabinet
  • 1 troubleshooting panel
  • 1 socket rack
  • 2 server modules
  • Software applications and databases installed on the server modules
  • Switchable network routerboard  with ports for the selective interruption of network connection
  • Switchable power strip for the selective interruption of power supply
  • 2 UPSs (min 3x750 W) with SNMP monitoring
  • Fan with thermostat
  • LED illumination (blue)



Webinar: SkyRack - the ATC infrastructure for System Monitoring and Control

SkyRadar offers the world-wide most comprehensive range of training systems for ATSEP and ATCO qualification.

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