SkyRadar introduces its virtual world around SkySMC as an environment to qualify ATSEP conform to the EASA Easy Access Rules and ICAO Doc 10057.

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twins are virtual models of real things. SkyRadar applies them on air traffic control systems. These models let trainers and trainees see and work with the systems in real time, without the risk of messing up actual operations. The system also allows for many users to learn concurrently, and independently of their pace, level and even independently of the location.

EASA-easy-access-rules-subjects-topics-and-streamsThis is great for learning because it means they can try things out and see what happens in a safe environment. It also helps with keeping the equipment running smoothly for longer, since people can practice maintenance and problem-solving without putting real systems at risk. 

In the context of the EASA Easy Access Rules students can qualify through an applied learning path, applying, analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing.

Thus the learners can achieve higher taxonomy levels as compared to instructor-led sessions, which are often using only PowerPoint presentations.

Blending Virtualization, Simulation and Virtual Reality

Following EUROCONTROL's service-oriented architecture approach, the ideal digital twin would be built just on virtualized infrastructure with live-data sourced from the outside world (e.g., live radar data).

SkyRadar tries to work as much as possible with virtualization, e.g., virtualized servers, virtualized networks, virtualized firewalls etc. Some subsystems like an UPS and the electrical power system and electronics need to be simulated as they are "by default" hardware based. 

Applications like databases or an FDPS are software-based and can be deployed in the digital twin. For the Qualification Level, it is not really necessary to use full-fledged systems. A pedagogical simplified replica is enough as concepts and procedures need to be understood. For rating training, real software can be deployed in the digital twin.

Live data e.g., monitoring data from any server or radar can be included, e.g., through the SNMP or through MQTT. You just need the IP and the OID address. Proporietary APIs are possible as well.

SkyRadar's Training systems like the 8 GHz Pulse radar or the SkyRack ATM training hardware can be connected and operate in unison with their digital twin. We provide a remote IO box to connect any hardware through sensors like voltmeter, thermometer, etc.

Watch the Introduction Video

Watch the short walk-through video below to get an understanding of the virtual world.

Pedagogical Digital Twin for the Qualification Level

When working on the qualification level, it is enough to work with a simplified digital world. It can gradually grow through adding new.

SkyRadar offers component packages for the pedagogical digital twin ATSEP world in the fields of COM, SUR, DPR and NAV.


They include

  • virtual reality representation of important sub-systems like towers, builds, servers
  • virtual components (like networks or applications)
  • the logical representation in an SMC view or a distributed control system view
  • panels like a troubleshooting panel to monitor and control the systems or the socket rack to measure parameters virtually.


Expanding towards an Operational Digital Twin

It would be tedious to try to create a twin of the complete ATM infrastructure. But there will be many cases when it makes sense. Examples are

  • a new software is deployed by an ANSP. It canbe deployed additionally with a training licence on a virtual machine within the digital twin
  • new hardware can be connected read-only to the training environment allowing trainees to monitor the relevant data
  • panels for real-life systems can be virtually modeled in the virtual twin and either fed with synthetic or live data. SkySMC provides comfortable tools to model those panels. SkyRadar could do this modeling also in a service contract.

Let's talk

Contact us to discuss a possible supply of our Digital Twin solution packages in your training center. it can be installed locally or provided as-a-service. Just call. Calls are non binding and will definitely help shaping your vision for your ATSEP training infrastructure.

Talk to you soon and stay tuned!

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