EUROCONTROL’s Air Transport Innovation Network, EUROCONTROL’s Innovation Hub is paramount for developing agile digital solutions and services.

As a part of their research work, they play a key role in various SESAR 3 projects, for this purpose, through research and innovation, to accelerate the take-up of the most cutting-edge technological solutions. In 2023, EUROCONTROL will be working on its simulator modernization program, allowing them to meet future service demand whilst also staying ahead with new validated research concepts.

One of their recent implementations was to successfully complete the largest-ever European airspace simulation in Turkey, delivering a range of benefits to aviation stakeholders with the ultimate aim to deliver significant operational and environmental benefits. They are now in the process of the massive volume of data collected during the simulation in order to generate the final report; however, the interim report based on four weeks of simulations already shows that free route operations can be successfully implemented in Turkey through the planned airspace redesign.

In the meantime, SESAR has partnered with the Netherlands - the Dutch Airspace Redesign Program (DARP). One of the most important elements is the use of new technologies that allow improved operational planning for the air traffic control system, as well as better adherence to this plan.

The following are the guiding principles for SESAR 2020 exploratory research activities:

  • Bringing together Europe's greatest minds to do research on "out-of-the-box" solutions to existing and future ATM challenges, both within and outside the scope of SESAR industrial research.

  • To take into account innovations/technologies from non-ATM sectors such as automotive, robotics, and other safety-critical industries such as space, etc.

  • To build a network of European ATM research capabilities and expertise in order to strengthen European competitiveness and workforce.

  • To provide a mechanism for monitoring and assessing the maturity of exploratory research results and, where appropriate, their integration into the SESAR innovation pipeline.

SkyRadar fully embraces the innovative research taking place today and in the future -  ensuring that new ideas, concepts, and technologies for air traffic management are introduced to the aviation value chain.

SkySMC - SkyRadar’s System Monitoring and Control Suite is a pedagogically enhanced, fully operational monitoring tool. It is based on service-oriented architecture and was developed to provide a training environment for scenarios of interoperability (ground-air, ground-ground) and automation - setting a stage for qualifying ATSEP for the Single European Sky. We have optimized it to cater for the ATSEP-SMC training compliant to EASA's Easy Access Rules for ATM-ANS (Regulation (EU) 2017/373) and ICAO Doc 10057.

SkySMC is not a simulator, but a fully operational open monitoring system. It comes by default with a server including various virtualized applications and virtualized servers. There are various hardware extensions available from a training infrastructures and monitorable training radars to complete ATM systems. 

SkyRadar's System Monitoring & Control training system can be easily blended into distance learning solutions.

… making the skies safer…

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