SkyRadar, provides cutting-edge training equipment for military radar operators and electronic warfare specialists. Our portfolio includes Training Radars, Jammers, Digital Signal Processing units, Electronic Counter-Countermeasures, Military Radar & Tower Simulators, C4ISR and CIEMG Training Laboratories, among others.

Catering primarily to military training academies and training departments, our solutions support both in-house and remote learning environments. The system design enables concurrent practical training of multiple officers.

NextGen 8 GHz Training Radars

SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Pulse radar, a low-power, modular system for ATC training, education, and research, spans basic radar principles to advanced AI experiments. Integrated with jammers and active targets, it offers practical training for military personnel at all levels.


SkySim Radar and Attack Simulator

SkyRadar introduces SkySim, a comprehensive radar and EW simulator producing raw data for realistic training scenarios. It supports Electronic Counter Measures, simulating various jamming techniques and virtual threats to enhance training realism.


DRFM Deception Jammers and Active Targets

Our programmable DRFM jammers and active targets craft authentic ECM defense scenarios, preparing personnel for real-world challenges.


FreeScopes DSP and Visualization Environment

SkyRadar’s browser-based DSP environment processes data from radars and simulators, featuring essential scopes and a suite of filters and algorithms for comprehensive radar technology training, including advanced ECCM capabilities.


Military and Radar Tower Simulators

Offering a fully operational military tower simulator, SkyRadar provides realistic synthetic sensor inputs and Air-Force specific scenarios, including combat situations and interception exercises, to simulate dynamic air defense operations.


C4ISR and CIEMG Training Laboratories

SkyRadar’s C4ISR systems enhance CIEMG capabilities in planning and managing EW operations, promoting efficient electromagnetic environment management, threat response, and military coordination.


Cyber-Resilience and Hybrid Warfare Training Laboratories

Our cybersecurity labs offer comprehensive IT and cybersecurity training, including encryption and endpoint protection. Simulated cyberattacks and incident response playbooks equip officers with crucial reactive cyberdefense skills.


Air Power and Air Defense Curricula and Train-the-Trainer Programs

In collaboration with European Air-Defense Experts, SkyRadar aids in establishing Air Defense Academies, curricula design, and providing expert train-the-trainer seminars.


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