The following video explores the Doppler Phase Shift Enhanced Disturbance Filter, a sophisticated approach designed to improve radar accuracy and effectively detect jamming.

The video discusses the algorithm that filters out irrelevant radar signals, ensuring that only the most essential data is analyzed. Accompanied by a detailed video demonstration, we explain how each stage of the process—from signal convolution to the detection of jamming devices—improves operational efficiency and strengthens defenses against active interference. Join us as we simplify this complex technology, highlighting its impact and benefits in practical scenarios.

Many Applications for Electronic Warfare

Follow our blogs and videos on Electronic Warfare with SkyRadar's Disturbance Filtering & Analysis solutions, the jammers and the Pulse Radar! SkyRadar is the only provider world-wide, providing manufacturer-agnostic ECM and ECCM training with simulators and real radars and jammers. Learn more about the simulator, range deception, angle deception, speed deception, radar lock on and major state of the art defense algorithms against malicious attacks.

Such defense is not only useful in a military context but also in a civil aviation setting. Increasingly speed radar jammers by trucks and cars disturb airport infrastructure. Also hybrid warfare is used to perturb critical infrastructure like airports and civil air surveillance and navigation services.

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