Explore Doppler filtering in radar imaging using SkyRadar's FreeScopes ATC II and SkySim. See how it refines target identification and reduces false alarms.

In radar imaging, a Doppler filter serves to isolate and identify targets based on their relative velocity with respect to the radar system. By analyzing the frequency shift in the returned signal—known as the Doppler effect—the filter can distinguish between stationary and moving objects. This capability is crucial in cluttered environments, such as when a radar system needs to detect a moving aircraft amidst stationary or slow-moving objects like buildings or weather formations. The Doppler filter allows the radar to focus on targets of interest, thereby improving detection accuracy and reducing false alarms.

Watch the following video illustrating the cleaning of a radar image in a PPI with the help of the Doppler Filter. The video is generated using SkyRadar's FreeScopes ATC II. The data was acquired with SkyRadar's technical Radar Simulator SkySim.

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