SkyRadar introduces the SkySim Technical Radar Simulator and its associated packages, offering a comprehensive and advanced training solution in radar technology and electronic warfare. This suite includes the core SkySim simulator, the Deception Package-I, and the Disturbance Filtering & Analysis-I package. Each component is designed to address different educational and training needs within the fields of radar technology and electronic warfare countermeasures.


SkySim Technical Radar Simulator

The technical radar simulator, SkySim simulates various radar types (pulse, pulse compression, Doppler, FMCW) and allows to deploy a multitude of scenarios and use cases. SkySim generates IQ signals that can be visualized and manipulated within FreeScopes.


SkySim Deception Package-I

The Decepetion Package I enhances the SkySim radar simulator by integrating various jammers. Paired with FreeScopes, including the FreeScopes Defense modules Disturbance & Filtering and Analysis I & II, it enables practical training in countermeasures against electronic warfare attacks.

SkySim Deception Package-I-Group

SkySim Disturbance Filtering & Analysis-I

This first package of electronic counter-countermeasures supports in detecting various forms of jamming and range deception jamming. It can work in conjunction with the NextGen 8 GHz Pulse radar or the simulator SkySim.



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