Many new components  come together to form a comprehensive training system for ATSEP and military ATC qualification. This video provides an overview and shows how all fits together.

SkyRadar's growing portfolio of modules forms a seamless ATSEP training infrastructure, including a live radar (NextGen), a technical radar simulator (SkySim), a blockdiagram-based environment to create the digital system processing and visualize it (FreeScopes), as well as a recording, replay and livestream feature.

And there is the vast system monitoring & control world (SkySMC) with a block view, a distributed control system view , the virtual reality, and many other views like the troubleshooting panel or socket rack. Many "refill" packages allow to create detailed environments for SUR, DPR, COM and NAV. 

The current video does not put emphasis on SkyRadar's hardware laboratories. Nor did it address any specific military solution. This will be subject of additional videos.

Better stay tuned!

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