A versatile SMC solution that blends a monitoring environment with a hardware/based and a virtual ATC environment, adhering to EASA's ATM-ANS rules and ICAO 10057. It integrates with SkyRadar's labs for remote experiments, supporting SNMP, JSON, MQTT, and ASTERIX formats. The center-piece SkySMC connects virtual infrastructures with hardware like the SkyRack or the multiple IO box, enabling monitoring, parameter adjustments, error simulation, and performance logging. Connected to live infrastructure, it is able to create a Digital Twin of the real ATM environment.


SkySMC - System Monitoring & Control (SMC) Software

SkyRadar's System Monitoring & Control Suite qualifies ATSEP & Military Trainees with Interactive Panels, Virtual Reality, Open System Architecture, and many software & hardware packages.


SkyRack - Infrastructure For SMC Training

A clean ATM-grade server cabinet on the front side including a trouble shooting panel, measurement sockets, servers and 2 UPS. A multitude of options for the trainer to degrade the system on the rear-side (and through his software control panel).



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