In the world of air traffic management, the training of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) is the backbone of safety and effective operations. The proper qualification of ATSEP professionals is vital for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of communication, navigation, surveillance, and technical systems in aviation.

To meet compliance standards outlined in documents such as ICAO 10057 and EASA Easy Access Rules ATM, practical training becomes a crucial element. This article emphasizes the significance of practical qualification and highlights the contributions of SkyRadar, a leading manufacturer of aviation training equipment, in meeting these requirements.

Understanding ICAO 10057 and EASA Easy Access Rules ATM

ICAO 10057

The ICAO document titled "Manual on Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) Training" provides guidelines and recommendations for ATSEP training programs. It emphasizes the need for practical training to enhance the competencies and skills of ATSEP professionals. Practical qualification ensures that ATSEP trainees have hands-on experience with the equipment they will operate and maintain, enabling them to effectively handle real-world scenarios and challenges (read more).

EASA Easy Access Rules ATM

The EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) Easy Access Rules for Air Traffic Management (ATM) cover regulations and requirements for ATM systems and operations within the European Union. These rules align with ICAO standards and emphasize the necessity of practical training for ATSEP personnel. Compliance with these rules is essential for air navigation service providers (ANSPs) operating in Europe (read more).

Importance of Practical Training in ATSEP Qualification

The inclusion of practical training in ATSEP qualification is crucial for several reasons:

Realistic Experience

Practical training allows ATSEP trainees to gain hands-on experience with actual equipment used in air traffic management. It bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, enabling trainees to understand the complexities of system operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting in a real-world environment.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

Practical training fosters the development of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Trainees learn to diagnose and resolve issues that arise in equipment operation, maintenance, and fault identification. This practical experience prepares them to handle challenges effectively and minimize disruptions to air traffic services.

Familiarity with Equipment

Practical qualification ensures that ATSEP professionals are well-versed in the specific equipment they will encounter in their roles. They gain familiarity with the features, functions, limitations, and potential issues associated with the equipment they will operate and maintain, making them more competent in their tasks.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

ICAO 10057 and EASA Easy Access Rules ATM explicitly advocate for practical training as a mandatory requirement for ATSEP qualification. Air navigation service providers must adhere to these regulations to ensure a high level of safety and operational efficiency in their respective regions.

Analog and digital communication

Advancing ATSEP Training with Comprehensive Solutions

SkyRadar, a prominent manufacturer of aviation training equipment, plays a vital role in helping ANSPs and aviation academies meet the practical qualification requirements for ATSEP training. Their range of products includes:

Surveillance Systems (SUR)

SkyRadar provides equipment related to surveillance systems, including primary and secondary surveillance radar (PSR and SSR). Trainees can work with real or simulated systems to gain hands-on experience in configuring, calibrating, and troubleshooting these essential components. SkyRadar offers radar systems designed for hands-on training in radar principles, target detection, tracking, and data analysis. These systems simulate real-world radar operation, providing trainees with a comprehensive understanding of radar functionalities.


System Monitoring and Control Solutions (SMC)

SkyRadar also provides system monitoring and control solutions for ATSEP training. Their equipment enables trainees to learn how to monitor and optimize radar systems, track system health, and ensure smooth operation. Practical training with these solutions enhances the understanding of system performance, diagnostics, and maintenance, empowering ATSEP professionals to effectively manage and troubleshoot complex technical systems.

Communication Systems

SkyRadar's training equipment includes communication systems used in air traffic management. Managed by SkyRadar's SMC system, trainees can practice the monitoring, configuration and maintenance of communication networks, voice communication systems, data links, and more.

Navigation Systems

Their equipment covers navigation aids such as instrument landing systems (ILS), VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) systems, and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). Supported by SkyRadar's SMC infrastructure, trainees can gain practical experience in the monitoring, configuration and maintenance of these critical navigation components.

Achieving Compliance: Practical Qualification for ATSEP Training and SkyRadar's Role

To comply with ICAO and EASA regulations, practical qualification of ATSEP trainees is crucial for ANSPs and aviation academies.


Practical training enhances real-world experience, problem-solving skills, and familiarity with equipment, ensuring competent and reliable ATSEP professionals. SkyRadar's comprehensive range of aviation training equipment offers ANSPs the means to provide practical training and meet the requirements of ICAO 10057 and EASA Easy Access Rules ATM effectively.

By prioritizing practical qualification, the industry can cultivate a highly skilled and proficient ATSEP workforce, ultimately enhancing air traffic management safety and efficiency.

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