Comparing the Packages


    Here we provide a detailed comparison list. 


    NextGen 8 GHz Pulse / Doppler Radar Price Packages

    24 GHz PSR Price Packages

    Features Base Unit Set Comfort Set Customers' ATC Choice Premium Set Base Unit Set Comfort Set Customers' Choice Premium Set

    24 GHz PSR Mode Radar 


    8 GHz Pulse and Doppler Radar


    Parabolic Reflector


    Programming Interface for MATLAB, PYTHON etc.

    Remote upgrade of radars with USB interface


    up to 5 concurrent users


    licence for 100 + concurrent users* (CloudServer included), *performance depending on bandwidth and speed of local LAN


    Rotary Tripod


    PSR SSR Simulator


    MTI for PSR


    ATC Monitoring Lab


    FreeScopes Basic I
    - Tx Power Control
    - Source Suppression (DC 
    - Static Threshold
    - STC
    - C-FAR (1D)
    - FFT (1D)
    - IQ Data Block (I, Q)
    - MTI

    FreeScopes Basic II
    - RCS
    - Burst
    - C-FAR (2D)
    - FFT (2D)
    - Windows Functions
      (Hann, Hamming,
      Blackman etc.)
    - Spectrogram
    - 3D A-Scope


    FreeScopes ATC  I
    (ICAO Doc 4444)
    - radar plots 
    - radar tracks
    - moving target detection 


    FreeScopes ATC  II
    - radar plots
    - Doppler Filter
    - iMM (interactive Multiple
    - 3D Scope
    - Kalman filter
    - Zero Velocity filter
    - Clutter Map (subtraction)
    - Signal Delay Block
    - Subtraction and Sum 

        optional optional