At Future of Education Technology Exhibition held from January 23-26, 2024, in Orange County, USA, SkyRadar's partner EDASIM showcased an innovative approach to radar technology education. The exhibition highlighted SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Radar along with its accompanying FreeScopes DSP and Visualisation & Control software. This blog post explores the key features and benefits of these products in the context of radar technology education.

SkyRadar's partner EDASIM showcased an innovative approach to radar technology education

This week, our team at EDASIM had the opportunity to present and discuss the NextGen Training Radar and the FreeScopes DSP and visualization software at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FetC) in Orange County. The feedback we got was fantastic. It was really enjoyable for us to talk and share ideas with both new and existing customers. In this article, I'll highlight the features that our visitors found most impressive.

1. Collaborative Learning through Advanced Technology SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Radar stands out for its ability to allow multiple students to analyze and process raw radar data independently and simultaneously. This feature marks a significant advancement over other market options, where data analysis is typically limited to one user at a time. This collaborative approach not only accelerates the learning process but also enhances it by fostering a more interactive educational environment.

2. Safe and Adjustable Power Levels Safety in educational settings is a priority, and the NextGen radar addresses this by operating at a lower power level than standard mobile devices. Its adjustable power range, from 0.7dBm to 6.3dBm (equivalent to 1mW to 4mW), ensures a safe learning environment without compromising on the quality of radar data.

3. User-Friendly Interface with FreeScopes The raw radar data from the NextGen 8 GHz Radar is accessible through FreeScopes, a browser-based graphical interface. This software allows users to implement various scopes and filters, offering a practical and cost-effective solution since no additional hardware or licenses are required. The software operates efficiently either on the radar system itself or on the CloudServer server, handling all signal processing needs.

4. Enhanced Accessibility with CloudServer For classes or groups with more than five users, CloudServer becomes an essential component. It efficiently manages user traffic and enables advanced simulations, including the activation and editing of targets, jammers, and countermeasures. This server enhances the learning experience by offering a broader range of simulation behaviors and scenarios.


5. Continuous Software Updates and Resources SkyRadar ensures that the FreeScopes software is regularly updated, offering new features according to the purchased package. Additionally, the SkyRadar website is a rich resource, providing a plethora of articles, videos, and tutorials to explore various scenarios and usage possibilities.

6. Comprehensive Simulation for Air Traffic Monitoring Beyond the training radar, SkyRadar offers a complete line of simulation products focused on Air Traffic Monitoring. These simulations provide an opportunity to experience a realistic ecosystem, either replicated or simulated, for a more comprehensive educational experience.

7. Data Analysis and Development Opportunities An exciting aspect of SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Radar is the ability to extract raw radar data for use in external software like MatLab. This opens up avenues for further analysis and the development of new technologies, such as creating recognition algorithms for drones or individuals based on frequency signatures.


SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Radar and FreeScopes DSP software, as showcased by EDASIM at the Future of Education Technology Exhibition, represent a significant step forward in radar technology education. By offering a safe, collaborative, and resource-rich learning environment, these tools are well-positioned to enhance the educational experience for students in the field of radar technology.

If you are interested in working with Edasim in South America to integrate your radar training system in Aviation Academies, Military Colleges or Universities, please contact Edasim directly or talk to Ulisses on LinkedIn.

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