FreeScopes Basic I - Overview

FreeScopes Basic I

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The FreeScopes Basic I is the basic software package for the Digital Signal Processing & Radar Control Center in the modular SkyRadar solution.

It also includes the hardware control environment, managing all components of the radar training system's hardware. It includes a user interface for the trainer / teacher where specific hardware features can be controlled.

The users are enabled to do manipulations independently on their computers. Free-floating panels of the FreeScopes Control Center allow each student to set up his own block diagram, analyzing live, simulated or pre-recorded raw data, data after FFT, STC, MTI etc.


  • Control environment for the connected radars and systems
  • A-Scopes
  • B-Scopes
  • PPI
  • Tx Power Control
  • Source Suppression (DC suppress)
  • Static Threshold
  • STC
  • C-FAR (1D)
  • FFT (1D)
  • IQ Data Block (I, Q)
  • MTI



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