ATSEP and ATCO Qualification requires training radars, Tower & Radar Simulators and NavAids Simulators. Buying all at once might exceed an academy's budget. SkyRadar offers a fully modular solution to grow step by step into a full training environment for ICAO compliant qualification.

SkyRadar offers a fully modular product suite stretching across ATCO and ATSEP qualification from basic to development schemes, including procedural training environments as well as technical training solutions for Surveillance and Navigation.

The infographic below gives a high-level overview over our modular products. You can click on it to enlarge it.

You may start your suite of training solutions with any of the green blocks. Then you can work yourself upwards and complement the solutions. 

Modular SkyRadar Product Package

Training Radars

Let us look at the training radars first. You may start with the NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar (it comes with a parabolic antenna and FreeScopes Basic I). It includes A-Scopes, B-Scopes, PPI and basic functions like STC (see video). If you have the budget, best get the Rotary Tripod with it, so you can benefit from panning or rotation images in the PPI.

Then you can start adding modules. FreeScopes Basic II brings important features like MTI or C-FAR or the Spectogram.

FreeScopes ATC will add ICAO oriented applications like plots and tracks. and an enhanced MTI and MTD implementation.

FreeScopes Artificial Intelligence, Beam Controller and Pulse Manipulation will add further going subjects for aviation and research.

Radar & Tower Simulators

An important pillar in the ICAO oriented training plan are the ATC procedures which are taught in a close-to-real-life simulator (see product page)

The real expensive part in such a simulator is the 3D tower simulation due to expensive 3 D models and engines, graphic cards, projectors etc. We can start small with a 2D Tower Simulator, a Radar Simulator and the VCS. Depending on requirements and budget, the academy can choose the ideal number of controller working positions (CWPs) and Pseudo Pilot Positions (PPP). An initial FIR database and Airport model is required from the beginning.


If the budget it tight, the 3D tower extension can come in a later step. 3D visualisation also requires the Aircraft models and cars.

We can also add an expert system which helps in mission planning or in the evaluation of alternative scenarios to achieve optimal traffic.

Given that we use a real ATC-system with a connected simulator providing the inputs, we can also add real data like SDPS, weather or NOTAM data.


NavAids Simulators

NavAids allows to learn the principles and operations of ILS, DME and VOR. It requires the CloudServer.

The basic solution covers ILS.  Module II adds DME and VOR.

Technical Radar Simulators

Whereas the Radar & Tower Simulators give a procedural training for ATCO and ATSEP, the PSR & SSR Simulator allows to learn the technical characteristics of Pulse, CW, FMCW radar as well as SSR and ADS-B. It requires the CloudServer.

The ADS-B radar is a powerful extension, allowing to feed real-life ADS-B data into the system.


Airport Firefighting and Rescue System

Aviation security is a responsibility across the boundries of teams. In emergency situations, rescue workers, fire brigade, ATCO and ATSEP need to work hand in hand.

SkyRadar's AFFR simulators and real implementation can connect Tower Simulation with the AFFR simulation and even real systems (burning aircraft models or kerosene tanks).

The entrance module it the simulator which can be expanded by a real implementation (see video).

Having the choice

You can now choose, and set up an agenda of growth and progression over several months or years. Or you can get all at once. What ever may be your preference, let us talk. We would like to share our expertise in the design of your optimal qualification environment.

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