Emergency situations require concerted action by ATCOs, Firefighters, Police, Ambulance and more. SkyRadar is the first one to integrate Tower Simulators, Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Training systems and Distributed Control Systems to train cross-sectional teams.

Qualifications of Aviation and Airport personnel is continuously improving. The experts shall be able to handle normal situations and emergency situations.

Expertise required for a multitude of domains

When things run smoothly, the aviation job is already challenging. But in emergency situations, no error is allowed.

Under extreme stress and with the knowledge that any delay or error my costs lifes, the aviation experts need to run through meticulously planned emergency routines.

To make sure this works out fine, SkyRadar offers tested and proven solutions for hands-on training in the segments of:

  • Tower, En-Route and Approach Control (ACC, APP, 3d TWR, GND) - our tower simulators offer a multitude of scenarios to train emergency rescue, from emergency landing, fire on board, accidents on the runway to terrorist and military attacks.

  • Airport Rescue and Firefighting  (ARFF)- Highly secure firefighting training systems including 1:1 sized aircraft with cockpit or cabin fires, turbine or spill-oil fires and sophisticated control panels to run scenarios.

  • Distributed Control Training Systems (DCS) - A computerized control system for typical processes around airports usually with many control loops, in which autonomous controllers are distributed throughout the system. Typical examples are the kerosene tanks.


Integrating ACC, APP, 3d TWR, GND, ARFF and DCS into one seamless solution

It will not be sufficient to train the experts independently to prepare them for an emergency.

They need to perform as a cross-sectional team. Therefore, already during training, we need to integrate ATCOs (they are probably the first ones who are aware of the approaching emergency), the rescue teams (fire fighters and ambulances), the technical control people (those who are in charge of the hazardous fluids) etc.

SkyRadar is the first  manufacturer in the world who can provide in one integrated system:

  • Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Training systems
  • Aerodrome simulators fully integrated into the ARFFs
  • Radar and Navigation Training systems

Imagine the scenario of a burning aircraft or a kerosene tank. When the real object starts burning, the simulated aircraft or tank in the 360° tower simulator will start burning as well (in real time). The DCS system helps to supervise the situation of hazardous goods and will help to take the right measures.

Even approaching rescue cars can be included into the simulation, if they are equipped with ADS-B transponders for airport vehicles.

All experts will communicate via an integrated Aviation-grade Voice and Communication System (VCS).

Next Steps

Talk to us to discuss the solution. And let us not waste budget. If  parts of these training systems are already available in your academy, we will probably be able to integrate them into the holistic solution.

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