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Dawn Illing

Dawn Illing has over 25 years of product management experience in the banking, insurance and cyber security industries. With a passion to follow industry changes, standards and regulations, Dawn has released many successful products and services to market, ahead of competitors. By working internationally across EMEA, this has inspired her interest in cross-border digital identity and cyber security, including the interoperable requirements that necessitate successful delivery of digital product and market solutions.

Cybersecurity Challenges in Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems support aircraft in their transition from departure to destination. Given their strategic importance to societies and economies, they are an appealing target for cyber threat actors.

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The Importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Across the Aviation Sector

The aviation sector plays a critical role in allowing people to travel domestically and globally. Millions of people rely on the safety, security and resilience of airlines, airports and the systems that support them.

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