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Ulrich Scholten, PhD

Ulrich is cofounder of SkyRadar, taking care of the procedural and software parts. He has been working for the aviation control market since the early 2000s, trying to blend qualification requirements in ATC with modern and scalable technical solutions. Ulrich holds a PhD in information technology and in several patents on modern radars. His research is regularly published in A-rated journals. Ulrich has spoken in 100+ Universities, Academies and Research Centers around the world and is co-editor of several security related blogs with more than 100.000 monthly readers.

SkyRadar's NavAids Simulator including ILS, DME and VOR. A Detailed Introduction (Video)

In the following video, we present SkyRadar's NavAids simulator. The video gives insight into the ILS module, the DME section and VOR.

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Air Traffic Control and ATC-Qualification Need To Get Structurally Prepared On Pandemics

SARS, Ebola, Corona - the frequency of regional or global epidemics is rising. We need to get structurally prepared on operations in times of such epidemics.

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Video Introduction to SkyRadar's NavAids Simulator - ILS, DME and VOR (Video)

SkyRadar's NavAids simulator is a practitioners' guide to using and servicing the airports' Instrument Landing Systems, Distance Measuring Equipment and VOR.

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The NextGen 8 GHz Pulse AI - It Is Time for a Revolution

SkyRadar's NextGen Pulse Radar operates in the x-band, just like en-route radars in ATC, as well as military and marine radars. It includes all the important features needed by ATCOs and ATSEPs and reaches up to Artificial Intelligence. Its modular structure allows to customize it on university requirements as well.

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The New NavAids Simulator - The Practitioners' Tool for ATSEP and ATCO

SkyRadar introduces the new NavAids Simulator, focusing on ILS, DME and VOR. It is a tool to qualify and train air traffic electronics personnel & Air Traffic Controllers.

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FreeScopes 6.0 - Presenting "Clean" Targets Quickly and Comfortably

We prepared a short video for you. We chose our 4 m x 4 m metal workshop as location. So you see how the radar and FreeScopes handle clutter and work in small unfavorable environments. You also get a feeling on the UI's basic features and the comfort.

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Artificial Intelligence: Deep Learning in Radar Detection - Getting Prepared for Tomorrow, Now!

Deep Learning Algorithms produce better-than-human results in image recognition, generating a close to zero fault rate [1]. This article shows how this works in radar technology and explains, how Artificial Intelligence can be taught in University Education and NextGen ATC qualification.

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Release 6.x - A Powerful Radar Package for Universities and ATC Qualification

Release 6 of SkyRadar's educational radars brings innovation in hardware and software, in the Cloud architecture and and in the system openness. And yes, it is promised - we keep the prices down.

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The New FMCW Training Radar Series 6.x - More Powerful, More Accurate, More Fun

Following the PSR, SkyRadar now presents the fully redesigned FMCW radar training system. It has enhanced resolution, many more features, unlimited concurrent users, a plug-an-play approach. The good news, it remains as economical as the previous version.

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