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Ulrich Scholten, PhD

Ulrich is cofounder of SkyRadar, taking care of the procedural and software parts. He has been working for the aviation control market since the early 2000s, trying to blend qualification requirements in ATC with modern and scalable technical solutions. Ulrich holds a PhD in information technology and in several patents on modern radars. His research is regularly published in A-rated journals. Ulrich has spoken in 100+ Universities, Academies and Research Centers around the world and is co-editor of several security related blogs with more than 100.000 monthly readers.

Comparing Various Algorithms to Monitor Moving Targets (Video)

This video illustrates how to monitor moving targets through various alternative algorithms. It provides an easy to follow introduction into the setup of a radar block diagram and its scopes (A-Scope, PPI) using previously recorded IQ data.

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FreeScopes and SkySim Release 7.7.0 comes Feb. 28, 2023

The new release 7.7.0 for FeeScopes and SkySim comes on Feb 28, 2023. It includes major improvements in ATC I and extensions of ATC II. Disturbance Filtering & Analysis I and 2 SkySim packages are joining the product family.

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SkySMC - System Monitoring & Control Software for ATSEP Training - Full Logic in Virtual Reality and Real Life (Video)

This video illustrates how the SMC software, the distributed control system and the 3D virtual reality provide a perfect learning experience to ATSEP.

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System Monitoring & Control with SkySMC in a Nutshell (Video)

With SkySMC SkyRadar created an environment for ATSEP to learn System Monitoring & Control, while working with SMC software, training hardware, virtualized and simulated infrastructure as well as virtual reality.

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SkySMC - A Real Service-Oriented System Monitoring & Control Environment for ATSEP Qualification (Video)

State-of-the-art qualification of ATSEP cannot limit itself on scenario-based animations. There are too many error-options. To reach higher levels in the learning taxonomy, real or virtualized infrastructures are the solution.

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Electronic Warfare - Uncovering Range Deception with Pulse Compression and Pulse Doppler

Drones and military aircraft try to hide their real positions through deception jamming. The following videos show successful detection with pulse compression and alternatively pulse Doppler, and subsequent detection algorithms.

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SkySMC - Distributed Control System View DCS (Video)

In this video we present SkySMC's DCS view. DCS stands for distributed monitoring and control. It adds another modern visualisation of controlled systems.

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SkySim - Defeating Range Deception Successfully (Video)

In this video we show how a sequence of defense algorithms can defeat a range deception attack.

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SkyRadar's Solutions for Military Training Academies - An Executive Summary

SkyRadar has been developing training radar solutions for military training applications since 2008. The solutions have been applied by and optimized with allied forces on 5 continents.This article give an executive overview.

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