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Ulrich Scholten, PhD

Dr. Ulrich Scholten is an internationally active, multilingual, serial entrepreneur with deep and cross-sectional knowledge of Cloud Computing, Control Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Sales. He has lived in Germany, England, France and the USA and is currently based in Sophia Antipolis, France. Coming from a traditional German family of entrepreneurs, Ulrich has preserved the family values of commitment and responsibility and carried them into Web-based enterprises. Ulrich earned his Phd from the renowned Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Information Technology, working on network effects in Cloud-based service platforms. As an MBA and control engineer, Ulrich has a solid foundation in creating, capitalizing and evolving start-ups, including successful exits. He holds several patents in the USA and the EU. Ulrich is a founding member of, deeply involved into the IT control of radar technology since 2008.

5 Factors to know when selecting an Integrated Aerodrome and Radar Training System for ATSEP & ATCO

ATC training is costly. But the personnel needs to be qualified, including regular refresher trainings. How to be able to afford the right unit and continuation training for ATSEP and ATCO in the same time? Here is a solution.

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Familiarizing ATCO & ATSEP with Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) for Air Traffic Control

Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) is a vital add-on in many Air Traffic Control systems avoiding fatal errors and reducing system down-times. However, the efficiency of BITE and hence passenger safety depends on the personnel's familiarization with the equipment, rapid recovery strategies and the choice of the right equipment. This article introduces into BITE and suggests related qualification aids for ATCO and ATSEP.

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8.2 Billion Air Travellers in 2037 (IATA) - What needs to change in ATC & how will that impact training

8.2 Billion Air Travelers in 2037 if policies remain constant, but with a policy stimulus we will crack the 10 billion passenger line. How can aviation infrastructure grow, how can air traffic control infrastructure keep pace and how can we make sure we will have enough, and sufficiently trained personnel?

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ICAO 10057: How to choose the right ATC training infrastructure for ATSEP (ACC, APP, TWR)

Competency-based training for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel is challenging. Trainees need an operating replication of a real ATC environment including AIS, Meteorology, Communication (voice and data), navigation, surveillance, data processing and automation, system monitoring and cyber security infrastructure. This article suggests and approach of how to proceed.

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IATA's eCargo - Understanding the Air Cargo Industry Master Operating Plan

When IATA first introduced the e-Cargo process, it received a very positive echo, as promises to enhance end-to-end efficiency and safety of the whole air cargo supply chain. But many airports and aviation academies ask the question of how to best implement the process and how to qualify the concerned personnel. This article has the answers.  

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