Ulrich Scholten, PhD

Ulrich is cofounder of SkyRadar, taking care of the procedural and software parts. He has been working for the aviation control market since the early 2000s, trying to blend qualification requirements in ATC with modern and scalable technical solutions. Ulrich holds a PhD in information technology and in several patents on modern radars. His research is regularly published in A-rated journals. Ulrich has spoken in 100+ Universities, Academies and Research Centers around the world and is co-editor of several security related blogs with more than 100.000 monthly readers.

Empowering ATSEP & ATCO - Holistic Qualification Infrastructure Including Tower Simulators, Monitoring, Cybersecurity, Radar and Technical Labs

ATC keeps on getting more challenging. ATSEP & ATCO have to perform in normal times and to excel in times of incidents and system degradation. In this article and video we give a short insight into SkyRadar's modular qualification solutions.

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Video: FFT Plot of a Pulsed Doppler Radar Implemented with SkyRadar's NextGen Radar and FreeScopes

This article features a video on an FFT plot. It has been implemented in real-time, just by connecting and calibrating the blocks in the block-diagram. The video shows well how the FFT amplitude moves to the right, when the person approaches and to the left when the person moves away from the source.

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A New Beautiful Video of Plots and Tracks with Speed-Vector in FreeScopes ATC I with the NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar (Video)

This article features a video which shows the plots and tracks as well as the speed-vector generated in FreeScopes ATC I. Students can build their block diagrams concurrently. After cleaning the signal, e.g. with the MTI block, they can add tracks and plots.

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Cyber-attacks & ATC - Don't Panic, But Act Now!

Aviation and Air Traffic Control in particular risk to be a prominent target for hackers. There is no reason to panic, as there are solutions. But the technical teams, ATSEP in particular need to get active, now!

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SkyRadar's Monitoring System for ATSEP - Integrating Radar & Tower Simulator, 8 GHz Pulse Radar, as well as Several Technical Training Labs (Video)

This article introduces SkyRadar's Monitoring Training System for ATSEP. It trains ATSEP on rapidly locating errors or points of system degradation, on rapidly fixing them and keeping downtimes short.

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Cyber Security in ATC - Lessons Learnt from Gartner's 2021 Cybersecurity Trend Report and its Implications on ATSEP Training

Gartner's 2021 report on cyber security was published just now. And it shows important trends in cybersecurity. This article discusses the implications for ATC cybersecurity and ATSEP qualification and training needs in particular.

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The B-Scopes in FreeScopes 7 (Video)

The FreeScopes Module Basic I includes the B-scopes. This video shows its functionalities and explains how it can be applied just in time on live IQ data in a bloc diagram editor.

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NextGen Pulse Training Radar & FreeScopes 7 - Beautiful Images in the PPI & a Thrilling Technology (Video)

We walked in front of a rotating radar. Look at the impressive images and the toolset for education in ATSEP, vocational qualification and university education.

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ATSEP Education in ATM Cyber Security

New ATM system generations will be more open and flexible, making them a target for cyber attacks and terrorism. This article discusses solutions for ATSEP basic and on-the-job education on cyber-security.

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