In this video, we present SkyRack ATM, the training infrastructure for system monitoring and control.SkyRack ATC provides the important use cases for ATSEP qualification in line with EASA's Easy Access Rules for ATM-ANS (Regulation (EU) 2017/373) ATSEP.BAP.SMC.

SkyRadar provides the SkyRack ATC as infrastructure for monitoring and control exercises with SkySMC, the pedagogical, but fully operating monitoring and control solution. 


SkyRack-Monitoring-Infrastructure-front-and-rear-SkyRadarThe standard features of the SkyRack ATM are:

  • Server cabinet with rack
  • 3 server modules
  • Software applications and databases installed on the server modules
  • Switchable network routerboard 10 Ports for the selective interruption of network connection
  • Switchable power strip for the selective interruption of power supply
  • 3 UPSs (min 3x750 W) with SNMP monitoring
  • Fan with thermostat
  • Fire detector with SNMP
  • LED illumination (blue)

Look at the datasheet for more details on each of the components.

And don't miss the details on SkyRadar's system monitoring and control software SkySMC.

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