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Dennis Vasilev

Dennis is Sales Manager at SkyRadar. He is an experienced radar Training Expert and entrepreneur with in depth knowledge about radars and aviation. Dennis worked during many years in military and civilian fields. Dennis speaks English, Bulgarian and Russian and has been working in Europe and Africa. He is driven to conceive the best possible solution for every client.

IFATSEA's 50th Annual Assembly in Prague - A Video-Message from SkyRadar's CEO (Video)

SkyRadar is Title Partner of IFATSEA's 50the General Assembly. See the message from SkyRadar's CEO.

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SkyRadar's FMCW Training Radar and FreeScopes 7 - A Perfect Match

With FreeScopes 7, SkyRadar's 24 GHz FMCW training radar can be applied as simply as the NextGen Pulse radars. The students can concurrently and independently apply the Fast Fourier Transform in their browsers and switch between frequency and time domain, just as needed.

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Radar Operators, Don't Get Tricked by Aircraft Flying in Formation !

When does an ATM radar actually see an aircraft, and when does it only see one target (instead of a formation of warplanes). Why does a radar sometimes miss an aircraft. Here some explanation.

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Airport Firefighting Training Systems - Real Life Training Equipment in Sync with Virtual Reality (Videos)

SkyRadar provides Airport Fire-Fighting Training Solutions. Virtual reality and real life training are perfectly synchronized, orchestrated by the trainers through easy-to-implement training scenarios.

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Multiple Firefighters Work together in SkyRadar's ARFF Simulator - And See Each Other (Video)

SkyRadar's Airport Rescue and Firefighting Simulator is made for multiple players. They can see each other and work implement strategies to extinguish the seat of fire.

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3D A-Scopes for Multi-Dimensional Radar Data Analysis (Video)

With SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Training Radar and the FreeScopes software, students can assemble their radar block diagrams just-in-time on live signals.

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Airport Firefighter Training Solutions by SkyRadar

SkyRadar provides airport firefighting solutions, compliant with international regulations. No other vendor is able to provide European safety and security standards and a holistic training solution, which blends seamlessly into the training equipment for other security relevant personnel (ATCO, ATSEP).

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Why should Safety-Nets Be Implemented in Radar and Tower Simulators

Safety nets are technical applications used to protect aircraft and ground from hazardous situations. 

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Radar & 2D Tower Simulator - The Smart Way into a Modular Suite of Radars & Tower Simulators

You are building up your ATC training center. A Radar and Tower simulator is important. But often budget is limited. Here is a way to build it in a modular way in function of your available budget. Making sure that the training center can generate revenues to subsidize the subsequent investments.

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