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Dennis Vasilev

Dennis is Sales Manager is an experienced radar Training Expert and entrepreneur with in depth knowledge about radars and aviation, mastered over many years in military and civilian fields.

Introducing SkyRadar's Surveillance Simulator for ICAO-based ATSEP training

SkyRadar's PSR/SSR Simulator Suite includes Pulse, CW, and FMCW radar simulators, SSR Mode A/C and S, ADS-B and more!

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FMCW-module and SAR-module: How do they work together?

SkyRadar's FMCW and SAR Product work together.

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e-Cargo & Cargo Handling System for Aviation Safety & Security training (AVSEC)

SkyRadar is the only system provider world-wide offering an of the shelve e-Cargo and Cargo handling systems for Aviation academies and Airports. Get the details in this article.

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Primary Surveillance Radar for ICAO-based ATSEP training

SkyRadar's PSR Base Module is one of the leading primary surveillance training radar with unlimited concurrent users. This articles gives a short introduction.

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The Airway Bill in IATA's e-Cargo Process

The Airway Bill (AWB) is one of the central documents in international air cargo. Paper-based AWBs are causing tons of paper, are error prone, open a flank for crime and are inefficient and outdated as a process concept. This is why IATA is pushing the migration over to the fully electronic e-Cargo process.

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What Training Equipment is Required for ATSEP Training?

Traditional teaching methods, including lectures and book study are an important part of ATSEP training. However, the most important part of ATSEP training is the use of training equipment that exposes students to situations they will or might encounter throughout their careers as ATSEP. The use of radar equipment and simulators are used throughout all phases of ATSEP training under both ICAO and EASA training requirements.

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Radar Waves and Sonar Waves

Most people have heard of the term “radar waves” and are familiar with the idea that radio waves use radar to somehow “detect an object” that is out in the distance or out in an area somewhere.

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Radar Technology - a short history

Radar technology is the spine of Air Traffic Control. But its success story is far from saturated. During the last 10 years radar started entering automotive technology, manufacturing and even e-health. This article gives a brief history of radar technology, from the first steps around Heinrich Hertz until now. 

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Animated Explanation of the Radar Principle

The principle of a radar system consists of emitting a wave and receiving the reflected wave that was reflected by an object (target).

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