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NavAids Step-by-Step Video Introduction

This article features 8 videos which give a step-by-step introdution into SkyRadar's NavAids simulator.

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SkyRadar's NavAids Simulator including ILS, DME and VOR. A Detailed Introduction (Video)

In the following video, we present SkyRadar's NavAids simulator. The video gives insight into the ILS module, the DME section and VOR.

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ICAO 10057: How to choose the right ATC training infrastructure for ATSEP (ACC, APP, TWR)

Competency-based training for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel is challenging. Trainees need an operating replication of a real ATC environment including AIS, Meteorology, Communication (voice and data), navigation, surveillance, data processing and automation, system monitoring and cyber security infrastructure. This article suggests and approach of how to proceed.

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NavAids - An Introduction into the Signals of ILS, DME and VOR

This article describes signals and operation of an Instrument Landing System ILS, Distance Measuring Equipment DME and a VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR). This article requires an advanced knowledge of mathematics.

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Air Traffic Control Training: What is ACC, APP, TWR, GND & SMGCS and How is it Trained in an Aerodrome Simulator

Exposure to common and not so common operational situations are a key component of air traffic control training. This is accomplished using highly-advanced simulators that create conditions for not only normal day-to-day operations that air traffic controllers are exposed to but also emergency and failure situations that they might not encounter often in real traffic.

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ATCO Training and Training Equipment in Air Traffic Control

This article discusses what an ATCO is and what training and training equipment is required to be licenced for international air traffic control.

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