Dawn M. Turner

Dawn M. Turner is a professional author with a passion for technical regulations and standards, as well as for their relevance and impact on corporate operations and industry in general. Dawn has more than 10 years of IT industry experience in hardware, programming & systems & network engineering. Her educational background includes a Certificate in computer operations & programming, CompTIA and Microsoft certifications, including A+, MCSE and MCP, Associates degree with major in business & minor in computer science, Bachelors of Science degree with major in business forensics & minor in accounting and an MBA with concentrations in finance & economics.

A Digital Immune System for the ATC Architecture

A resilient ATC architecture helps keep the skies safe for all. This article explains why a digital immune system is vital for the ATC architecture.

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Gartner's 2023 Technology Trends and their Impact on Air Traffic Control

This article will discuss 2023 technology trends and their possible impact on Air Traffic Control as the European Airspace evolves.

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The ICAO's Aviation Cybersecurity Strategy & ATSEP Qualification

Cyber threats continue to grow exponentially around the globe. By 2022, Cisco estimates that 1 trillion networked sensors will be embedded in devices globally, and that number is expected to swell to 45 trillion within 20 years. It is no wonder that there is a grave concern as these threats are no longer limited to targeting computers, corporate networks, or smartphones.

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Understanding A-SMGCS Functionality – What is Important in a Tower Simulator?

Tower Simulators should comprise the A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System) to provide important simulations for routing, guidance, and surveillance for controlling aircraft. The ATCO will learn how to maintain the stated surface movement rate regardless of the weather conditions. 

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Understanding ICAO's NGAP Programme Targeting NextGen Aviation Professionals

In 2009, the ICAO foresaw the growing need for qualified and competent aviation professionals to fill future vacancies created by the anticipated retirements of an aging "Baby Boomer" generation. The aviation industry also faces competition from other sectors who are also seeking skilled professionals for their own expected vacancies. From this need, the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) initiative was born and was quickly elevated from an initiative status to programme status.

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Gender Equality - An Opportunity to Develop the Capacities of ATC Personnel

Attracting women to the aviation industry can help meet the NGAP initiative. But first, barriers to gender equality and gender diversity must be overcome.

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Building Headcount of Aviation Professionals - What ICAO is Doing & What Aviation Academies Need to Do

With exponential growth over the next 20 years, the task of training today’s and tomorrow’s professionals is on the shoulders of aviation academies. This article summarizes the main steps to be taken.

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NextGen ATC –Training with Technology is the Key to Attracting and Retaining Millennial Talent

The aviation sector is faced with the task of filling an anticipated 125,000 air traffic controller and 1.3 million aircraft maintenance personnel job vacancies by 2036. This need is not only driven by the sector’s unprecedented growth, but also because of positions opened by the attrition of retiring baby boomer personnel.

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NextGen ATC - Millennials Learn Better through Applied Technology

Recent cross-university research between the University of Madeira in Portugal, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and University of Los Andes in Columbia, Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, and Innopolis University in the Russian Federation studied how millennial students learn and what learning methods are best used to successfully engage and teach this generation.

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