Elena Balmus

Elena is a dedicated aviation professional and passionate pilot with ATC-related research, lecturing and engineering experience. Graduated from the Romanian Aviation Academy with a scholarship in 2011 and got a Bachelor degree in aerospace engineering in the same year, complemented with a Master’s Degree in 2013. Elena is a passionate in applied maths with a record of participation in National Olympic mathematics through secondary school and highschool. She completed a myriad of courses such as AVSEC FOR FLIGHT DECK CREW, FIRST AID, MCC on MECHTRONIX ASCENT XJ simulator, plus complete ATPL integrated.

NavAids - An Introduction into the Signals of ILS, DME and VOR

This article describes signals and operation of an Instrument Landing System ILS, Distance Measuring Equipment DME and a VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR). This article requires an advanced knowledge of mathematics.

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