Fateme Talebi

Fateme Talebi is research scientist in SkyRadar's radar Luxemburgean research team. She is working on Target Classification in Automotive Radars Using Deep Learning Network in her academic thesis. Her research interests include signal processing, deep learning, radar systems, applications of statistical signal processing as well as optimization techniques to active sensing system.

NavAids Step-by-Step Video Introduction - Beta-Testing Opportunity for a Limited Time Period

SkyRadar Launches the new NavAids Simulator and invites ATC academies for an extended Beta-Testing. Would you like to participate? 2 weeks of free testing are included for up to 20 members of your academy (lecturers or students).

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An Introduction to I/Q Signals

Why do we use I/Q signals in radar technology? Here you find a simple explanation.

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Power Spectral Density Analysis - a Feature in FreeScopes

The power spectral density (PSD) of a signal describes the distribution of power into the frequency components, which compose the resulting signal. Power spectral density is commonly expressed in watts per hertz (W/Hz).

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