In the following video, we present SkyRadar's NavAids simulator. The video gives insight into the ILS module, the DME section and VOR.

New call-to-actionATSEP and ATCOs need very practically oriented learning tools to acquire the professional skills they need to keep the airspace safe.

SkyRadar produced this simulator particularly for these practitioners.

Goal for the ATCO is to understand the concept, and to use it in an optimal way. They shall be able to react on malfunctions and to communicate in a targeted way with the ATSEP personnel in charge.

The ATSEP personnel shall be enabled to derive the reasons for the errors based on the measurable features, i.e. antenna patterns. He or she shall be able to understand and interpret the relevant diagrams and to draw conclusions on antenna functions, accuracy, availability, settings and possible reasons for the errors.

The simulator is based on SkyRadar's FreeScopes software. It comes pre-installed on a server. The course is accessible via the academies' intranets or extranets. It can be used for presence training, on the job training  (OJT) and learning from home.

Contact SkyRadar to learn more about the solution.

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