Plan Position Indicator and B-Scope

Base Module

Video, explaining the e-Cargo Software and the e-Cargo process

This video gives a general introduction into SkyRadar's e-CARGO training software and the e-CARGO process in general. It provides an overview of the Air Cargo Industry Master Operating Plan.

It also looks at the e-AWB, e-CSD (e-Cargo Security Declaration), e-DGD (e-Dangerous Goods Declaration) and e-ACI   (e-Advanced Cargo Information).


Cargo Handling System 

Add-on to the e-Cargo base module

Cargo Handling System

This video describes SkyRadar's Training System for Cargo. It shows the handling in the context of IATA's CARGO concept, includes e-Cargo, an FDPS, and can be extended by X-Ray Scanners, Scan Simulators and more. It is fully modular. The system includes SCADA, PLCs, RFIDs, Electric Drives, Pneumatics, ProfiNet, ASI-Bus and more.


Cargo Scan Simulator

Add-on to the e-Cargo base module

Introduction into the Cargo Scan Simulator

The video introduces into SkyRadar's Cargo Scan simulator , familiarizing airport security staff on CARGO scanning. The simulator generates all kinds of image visualizations (pseudo-colors, negative, gray-scale etc) based on a sophisticated estimation model just like the real scanners. The possibilities to train are endless...

What is FreeScopes?

FreeScopes is a standardized browser-based graphical user interface for all SkyRadar applications. Learn more in the Overview and Description section.