Cargo Handling System (by SkyRadar)

Product description

Conveyor Belt, Automation & SCADA System

  • Secure physical CARGO supply chains, with state-of-the art automation and drive architecture, Surveillance, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), RFID- and bar-code readers, interconnection with eCARGO.

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e-Cargo Simulator

  • Simulation environment for unlimited concurrent users for technical and procedural training of aviation security and the e-CARGO supply chain as regulated by IATA.

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Cargo Scan Simulator

  • Simulator for threat image processing represents a typical graphical user interface of a Cargo scanner with typical functions such as pseudo-colors, grayscale, organic, or metal 

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Cyber Security Simulator

  • Simulator to create threat awareness and to teach threat detection, prevention and post-attack recovery around the eCargo supply chain.

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The Cloud Server allows to connect many SkyRadar systems to more than 100 concurrent users.  Students can access various resources simultaneously. One CloudServer is sufficient for all aviation security sub-systems.

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