SkyRadar now offers a recording and replay feature to record IQ data log files from live recordings, or from a blend of live data and superimposed simulated data (e.g. disturbances or deception through jamming).The new functionality allows for recording raw data, either right at the source, or where ever needed throughout the digital signal processing chain. Simply place the recording feature at the correspoding position within the blog diagram.

The replay function allows to replay the raw data sequence (in a loop). You can then work on your data of interest, and experiment with filtering and visualisation, until you get the radar image you need.

Fields of application are multiple:

  • Classes often do not provided a sufficient amount of time to dive deep, so a relaxed experimentation from home of from the library will allow to really round up the learning process
  • Research and PhD projects demand to deep-dive into specific data sets to allow for comparative and reproducible measurement
  • military teams may want to create defence scenarios like jamming attacks (which we can generate either with real training noise and deception jammers or with simulated jamming attacks, superimposed on real-time IQ data)
  • and many more

Talk to us to get the right qualification equipment for your civil aviation or military academy, or for your university or research institute.

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