Rotary Tripod



    To allow for 360° (endless) PPI rotation with high angular resolution and speed from 0 to 10 rpm, swivel modes or target tracking, SkyRadar provides a rotary tripod, equipped with a slip ring for electrical transmission and powered by a step motor. The rotary tripod is controlled from the hardware of the connected radar (PSR base module, FMCW base module, 8GHz NextGen Radar etc).


    • Tripod with implemented Step-Motor and Slip Ring
    • Power Supply Unit with DC cable
    • AC-Supply cable
    • Motor Control Unit
    • License to use the motor control unit which is embedded in the base unit



    SkyRadar's Rotary Tripod is an extension to the SkyRadar Base Units (PSR, FMCW, 8Ghz NextGen etc). It allows to rotate in swivel or endless mode, e.g. for PPI-Scope monitoring or MTI

    Brand: SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System

    Manufacturer: SkyRadar

    Model: SkyRadar PSR-FMCW-Rotary Tripod-Ver.6.0

    Product ID: SkyRadar PSR-FMCW-Rotary Tripod-Ver.6.0

    Price on request