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Tower Simulator, APP and ACC for Military Applications

Specific simulators for military and defense applications including ACC, APP, 3d TWR, GND and more !

Military operations in ATC are structured completely different than civil ATC operations. Examples are permissions, noise restrictions, priorities, minimal height, air refueling etc.

A civil simulator will not be able to map these features, It is also unable to reproduce the broad scope of military manoeuvres. Military users need to be able to cover all these features. In addition, a military simulator need to include all civil features as military surveillance and navigation systems are feed with the data of civil aviation.


The strength of our military simulator: it is actually a fully operational military tower system with a subsequent simulator, replacing the inputs of sensors, radio etc. We have many military references and developed key features with a reputable military research institute.

The simulator includes:

✔ ︎ Military Scenarios

✔ ︎ Air-Force related system features

✔ ︎ Civil Military Cooperation

✔ ︎ Ground Conducted Interception and
     Predictive Dynamic Interception

✔ ︎ Military Mission Planning 

General technical features are:

 ︎ 3D and 2D simulators small and large, multi-systems

 ︎ from small to large number of working positions,

 ︎possibility to connect operational ATC equipment from third 
    parties to the simulator (VCS, Recording and Replay System,
    CWPs for ground and air operations (TWR, APP-ACC), RDPS
    or FDPS).

 ︎functional replicas of operational ATC equipment according to
   the needs of the site (VCS, CWPs, PAR workstation);

 ︎ stimulation of operational equipment with natural data
    analogs (Surveillance / Flight data, PAR data).

 ︎ capability to inject live data into simulation scenarios;

 ︎ capability to aggregate and control both real and simulated


The solution allows for a variety of training schemes up to

  • ADV/ADI executive controller, planning controller, flight data, operational supervisor (GMC, GMS, AIR, TWR, RAD)
  • Positions APP/APS executive controller, planning controller, flight data, operational supervisor (RAD, ADS, TC, PAR, SRA)
  • Positions ACP/ACS executive controller, planning controller, GND controller, operational supervisor (RAD, ADS, TC)


Tasks and usage scenarios possible on this simulator include:

✔ ︎ airspace, procedures, operations, traffic and incidents modelling, test, validation and measurements

 ︎ aerodrome visualization at the conceptual phase

 ︎ flow modelling in the airspace as well as for aerodrome

 ︎ procedures design and evaluation

 ︎ traffic safety checks and measurements

 ︎ military ATC modelling and check

 ︎ remote tower

 ︎ ATC / ATM system prototyping

 ︎ contingency.

Contact us and state your specific requirements. It will be our pleasure to help you conceive the most suitable and economical solution for your individual requirements.






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