SkySMC - System Monitoring and Control - Description

SkySMC - System Monitoring and Control - Description


SkySMC is a modular System Monitoring Control (SMC) solution. It offers customizable configurations and includes a pedagogically enhanced monitoring environment and a simulated Air Traffic Control (ATC) environment. Integrated with SkyRadar's virtual and physical training laboratories, it connects to special training infrastructure and allows for remote monitoring and control experiments. Accessible from all computers within available laboratories, it meets the requirements of  EASA's Easy Access Rules for ATM-ANS (Regulation (EU) 2017/373). 

SkySMC can read many standard message formats like SNMP, JSON, MQTT or ASTERIX. It can connect simulated, virtual and real infrastructure into a common augmented reality. Any external device with OID address can be connected.

SkySMC, can monitor, switch and parametrize. It allows to include errors and to log and document student performance.




Depending on the configuration, SkySMC can be used to practice on the following use cases, found in the EASA Easy Access Rules. The use cases given are just examples.

  • Surveillance - Radar stations, data-communication, system health surveillance (e.g. temperature),
  • Communication - Tx/Rx, Circuit management Networks, HMI, Standby facilities, Recording
  • Navigation - NDB, VOR, ILS, DF
  • Facilities - Power, UPS and battery, Environmental (heating, cooling), Fire and security
  • Data Processing - Pedagogical FDPS, Data communications

VIEWS - Overview

SkySMC includes the following views:

  • Block-View - for monitoring and control (Devices, Parameters, Charts, Grouping)
  • DCS-View - for the perspective of a distributed control system
  • Site-View - giving the physical perspective. This view has been developed for distance learning contexts to simulate the "physical" contact with devices
  • Admin-View - the place where the teacher sets the stage, e.g. inserts errors
  • Troubleshooting Panels - Preconfigured panels allow to interact with real or virtual components
  • Socket Panels - Preconfigured panels allow to measure values of virtual or real components
  • FreeScopes - Simulated Raw Data from SUR, COM, or NAV, displayed in interactive block diagrams
  • Sample Websites

VIEWS - Block

In the block view, the user can create the SMC logic, in a drag and drop approach. It includes

  • devices - NGINX SNMP or other servers
  • parameters - like server status, flight data, temperature, SNMP data, pings etc.
  • charts -  line, gauge, state or map
  • conditions  - is alive, range check, etc.
  • signals - e.g., power on, power off
  • grouping - allowing to structure the views


The Distributed Control System view is a view helping to arrange functionalities spatially, geographically or functionally. 

The learner has access to an editor, where he can create and connect the spatial or functional representation of a system with the logic from the block view.

VIEWS - Site

The Site-View provides a Virtual Reality Environment, where the devices can be logically linked to the DCS logic. Systems can be switched on/off, parameterized or replaced in the virtual 3D world.

It gives the trainee the possibility to "walk" through the virtual world.

VIEWS - Admin

The admin view allows to set predefined scenarios. The trainer can log the trainee's performance. The system logs the student's sequence of action with time stamps and information about the steps made (press a button, read a value). The system also shows the fault scenario which is active during the exercise.  The teacher can set several fault scenarios concurrently

VIEWS - Troubleshooting Panel

The troubleshooting panel is an implementation of the DCS view. It is a functional arrangement of buttons and gauges, allowing to operate a monitoring and control system.

VIEWS - Socket Panel

The socket panel exists as real device in the SkyRack ATM infrastructure and as virtual instrument in SkySMC. It provides voltmeter and oscilloscope to measure system conditions.  A real-life clone of this virtual instrument exists in the SkyRack hardware module

VIEWS - FreeScopes

SkySim includes a small version of FreeScopes. This allows to visualize and measure the raw signals as well as the processed signals

VIEWS - Website

SkySMC allows to create various servers like a webserver. The Website view allows to visualize the websites and to create real-life behaviour like load

SkySMC Radar Tower Package

This package includes logic and objects to work on Surveillance towers.

  • Components including Logic, 3D site view and the 2D monitoring view.
  • Included components are radar tower and building, amplifiers, A/D converters, mixers, duplexers, transmitters, receivers.


A physical environment represents in a simplified way a typical ATC facilities.

This subset of the laboratory shall help to gain hands-on experience in bug-discovery and fixing. It includes:

  • connection to the SMC solution
  • physical environment of 3 servers, applications and databases, a physical network with routers and software switches, monitoring points and emulated data. Monitoring can be made on power supply, UPS and battery, environmental factors (heating, cooling), as well as fire and security
  • the teacher is able to degrade the system

OPTIONAL Multi-Sensor Box

The multi-sensor box helps to include virtually anything into the overall SMC surface.

It includes 1 potentiometer, 2 LEDs, 1 temperature sensor, 1 pressure-humidity sensor, 1 brightness sensor, 1 heartbeat sensor, 1 accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope,

The monitoring environment is able to include a variety of different labs, including the NextGen radars, the ATC Radar and Tower Simulator, or various electronical and electro-mechanical labs.