Monitoring Environment - Description


This system  consists of an aviation oriented remote monitoring solution, helping to rapidly diagnose system degradations and to enable rapid recovery. It is on a rack server with sufficient power. 

The system includes a pedagogically enhanced monitoring environment and a simulated ATC environment. It connects to the various training laboratories by SkyRadar. The monitoring system is by default connected to special training infrastructure and optionally to an environment for remote monitoring experiments. It is accessible from all computers in the available laboratories including radar labs, electrical installations, electro-mechanics, electronics. 

The rack server and the special training infrastructure are installed in a special monitoring laboratory where students can conduct experiements.

The system includes

  • simulated ATC environment
  • connection to the 8 GHz Training Radar, motor and server
  • connection to the Radar and Tower simulator
  • connection to a representative hardware infrastructure consisting of 3 rack servers, enforced errors in software and hardware
  • connection to technical training labs, enabling to set up a monitoring system and to train error fixing




In this laboratory, the trainees will be able to

  • use, apply, analyze elements of a monitoring system and the statuses. 
  •  set up monitoring systems in ATC.
  • use monitoring systems in ATC to avoid system down-times and to achieve rapid system recovery incase of incidents. 
  • learn how to design internal procedures based on technical elements and their working environment.

Monitoring Software

Features of the Remote Monitoring Software:

  • monitoring availability, performance and events related to ATC subsystems and network devices (i.e. SkyRadar NextGen Radar and Motor)
  • software features include:
    • Configurable Monitoring Software in "FreeScopes" style
    • Comfortable graphical configurator with block diagrams
    • Continuous (graphs over time) and discrete analytics (status indicators)
    • Escalation guidance (disaster, high, average, warning,...)
    • Additional simplified training set up for basic familiarization in the technical labs
    • Various communication protocols including SNMP, JSON

Simulated ATC Environment

This subset of the solution includes:

  • training environment with typical applications and emulated data placed on a dedicated server
  • Applications  including:
    • typical virtual applications 
    • typical databases
  • the students can monitor the environment and learn to run through escalation routines in case of system degradation

OPTIONAL: Special Physical Training Infrastructure

A physical environment represents in a simplified way a typical ATC infrastructure. This subset of the laboratory shall help to gain hands-on experience in bug-discovery and fixing. It includes:

  • special training infrastructure for remote monitoring experiments
  • physical environment of 3 servers, applications and databases, a physical network with routers and software switches, monitoring points and emulated data.
  • the teacher is able to degrade the system

OPTIONAL Techncial Training Laboratories

The system allows to even include technical training laboratories which allow to set up training and monitoring infrastructures for 

  • electronics (analog, sequential, combinatory) lab
  • analog and digital communication lab
  • microprocessors lab
  • trouble-shooting lab
The monitoring environment is able to include a variety of different labs, including the NextGen radars, the ATC Radar and Tower Simulator, or various electronical and electro-mechanical labs.