SkyRadar Cargo Handling System


Cargo SCADA & Conveyor System 

Add-on to the e-Cargo base module

The Cargo Training System with included Scanner, Case: Alarm

This video shows SkyRadar's Cargo Training System in Application. The version shows an alarm scenario where a Unit Load Device includes explosives (simulants)..

System Overview (Cargo SCADA & Conveyor System)

This video describes SkyRadar's Training System for Cargo. It shows the handling in the context of IATA's CARGO concept, includes e-Cargo, an FDPS, and can be extended by X-Ray Scanners, Scan Simulators and more. It is fully modular. The system includes SCADA, PLCs, RFIDs, Electric Drives, Pneumatics, ProfiNet, ASI-Bus and more.

Manual Check approach in the Cargo Process

This short video sequence describes the manual check option in the process. The ULD passes the alarm switch point. However, once it gets to the manual switch point, the pneumatic actuation pushes down the deflector which guides the ULD into the manual check branch.

A compliant Unit Load Device passes the Carg Handling System

The video shows, how a unit load without any in-compliant content passes the Cargo Handling System. In this case, the ULD is not stored, but passes through the system directly.

Storage in the Cargo Handling System

The cargo handling system includes a high rack storage area, where the filling and clearing is either triggered by the Radar Data Processing System or by the user (e.g., in case of a suspicion).

Pressing Alarm in the Cargo Handling System

Once the operator presses alarm, the ULD is isolated to the belt, dedicated to ULDs suspected to be dangerous.

Manual check and insight into the User Interface

This video sequenc gives insight into the animated representation of the hardware system to better follow the ULD flow.

A compliant ULD passes through the Cargo Handling System

A unit load device is defined "compliant". The corresponding aircraft is leaving soon. The ULD does not require storage. The Cargo Handling System automatically transports it to the exit point.

Prof. Eric Moskwa describes the RFID concept in Cargo Handling Systems

RFIDs provide a whole set of advantages compared to barcodes when applied in Cargo Handling Systems.
This video gives an introduction.


Base Module

Video, explaining the e-Cargo Software and the e-Cargo process

This video gives a general introduction into SkyRadar's e-CARGO training software and the e-CARGO process in general. It provides an overview of the Air Cargo Industry Master Operating Plan.

It also looks at the e-AWB, e-CSD (e-Cargo Security Declaration), e-DGD (e-Dangerous Goods Declaration) and e-ACI   (e-Advanced Cargo Information).


Cargo Scan Simulator

Add-on to the e-Cargo base module

Introduction into the Cargo Scan Simulator

The video introduces into SkyRadar's Cargo Scan simulator , familiarizing airport security staff on CARGO scanning. The simulator generates all kinds of image visualizations (pseudo-colors, negative, gray-scale etc) based on a sophisticated estimation model just like the real scanners. The possibilities to train are endless...

What is FreeScopes?

FreeScopes is a standardized browser-based graphical user interface for all SkyRadar applications. Learn more in the Overview and Description section.