Cargo SCADA and Conveyor System

Cargo Handling System



The system provides an optimized environment to practice the IATA regulations and procedures for efficient and compliant air cargo management and aviation security. It also allows for a more technically oriented training for maintenance and service personnel, allowing to practice relevant technologies like PLC, SCADA, electric and pneumatic drives, conveyor belts and mechanics, bus technology (i.e. ProfiNet and ASI-Bus), barcode and RFID-readers, as well as system security (Scalance).

The cargo handling system by default includes the e-Cargo system, the Cargo Scan Simulator and the Cyber Security Training System. It can be extended with a dual view x-ray scanner.


The conception of the system takes account and supports training in the context of the following regulations:

  • IATA e-Cargo
  • ACC3 Programme of the European Union
  • Dangerous Goods Regulation (IATA Regulation 618 Attachment “A”)
  • IATA ULD Regulation
  • IATA CARGO-XML message protocols and standards
  • IATA Aviation Cyber Security Toolkit
  • EUROCONTROL Manual for National ATM Security Oversight

This training laboratory takes specific consideration of the ACC3 ('Air cargo and mail carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport') programme.

The FreeScopes applications get active in a plug-and-play approach, as soon as the corresponding radar, simulator or training environment is plugged in.


Cargo Handling System is a training environment for the following subjects:

  • Cargo flow management, analysis and optimization with Conveyors, SCADA and PLC control
  • Technical Maintenance of cargo handling systems including mechanical subsystems, control environments, bus-systems, electric drive systems pneumatics
  • Aviation security training including cyber-security training, procedural training, handling process security training, rapid recovery training (diagnosis, fault and attack identification)
  • General end-to-end process training including the roles of forwarders, ground handling agents, carriers and customs
  • e-AWB (e-Airway Bill)
  • e-CSD (e-Cargo Security Declaration)
  • e-DGD (e-Dangerous Goods Declaration)
  • e-ACI   (e-Advanced Cargo Information)
  • ULD Configuration
  • The interconnection of the processes with Flight Plan and Flight Data Processing Systems
  • Cybersecurity Training for eCARGO processes and secure supply chains
  • Cargo X-ray scan

Parts of the Cargo Handling System

The e-Cargo system consists of:

  • One (1) Transfer System / Conveyor Belt System
  • One (1) Automation System including PLCs, Drive Control, Cyber-security, etc.
  • One (1) Surveillance, Control and Data Acquisition System SCADA with Control Architecture
  • One (1) SCALANCE Firewall System
  • Twenty (20) Optoelectronic Sensors
  • Fifty (50) small Unit Load Devices ULD
  • One (1) Pneumatic Lift controlled by the PLC
  • One (1) e-Cargo Software including e-AWB, e-CSD, e-DGD, e-ACI, ULD-configurator, a small Flight Plan and Flight Data Processing system on one (1) server
  • One (1) Cyber-Attack Experimentation on one (1) server
  • One (1) Cyber-Attack Simulation on one (1) server
  • One (1) license for e-Cargo software utilization
  • One (1) Operating manual in English language freely downloadable.


  • Computers with latest HTML5 enabled browser. Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, MS Internet explorer, Opera and Safari are able to read HTML5.
  • One (1) SkyRadar CloudServer


SkyRadar's e-Cargo software is accessible by an unlimited amount of concurrent users. It can be extended by a broad range of solutions required for ICAO and EuroControl ATCO and ATSEP training programs as well as IATA qualifications makes SkyRadar the preferred choice of many aviation academies and IATA TrainAir Plus accredited institutions.

Many universities and military academies use SkyRadar's hardware and software solutions within their qualification, education, training or research programs.