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Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Experiment Set up as well as Instructor Screen and B-Scope with this Experiment

Introducing the Synthetic Aperture Radar

This uncommented video shows the mechanical system of SkyRadar's SAR module. It shows how it scans two targets, riding on a linear axis, actuated by a high precision step motor.

SkyRadar Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR 6 0, Instructor View

The video shows the instructor screen of SkyRadar's Synthetic Aperture Radar. On the upper linear axis, you see the position of the FMCW on the horizontal axis. In the same time, you can follow the raw signal (IQ signal) before FFT.

SAR in a B-Scope: Clutter Elimination and Target Scanning

The video shows the SAR image generation, as the image builds up. At first (until second 36), the room is filmed without the object (for us it is clutter). Then you can see in the top right corner that we change the setting from clutter to object scanning.

The second iteration shows objects. Before generating the image, FreeScopes deducts the clutter. The objects are shown with their cross section. It is interesting to see that their left and right edges show stronger reflection than the center part. 

FMCW, CW, Doppler, FSK

All are modes are part of this system

The SAR system works with the SkyRadar FMCW base module and offers a range of additional features.

Operating in CW mode (Radar: FMCW Base Module)

The video show the SkyRadar FMCW radar operated in CW mode to measure movements and speed. The example shows the process of calibration of the B-Scope to display the movements of the cars. The A-Scope shows the speed. We also exported to speed into a video screen. Even the movement of the person can be seen as peaks in the A-Scope.

Movement of a Sine Wave (Radar: FMCW Base Module)

We measure the vibration of a loudspeaker and are able to capture its movement and this the modulation of sound. Note that in contrast to a sonar, the radar does not capture sound. The radar operates in FMCW mode.

What is FreeScopes?

FreeScopes is a standardized browser-based graphical user interface for all SkyRadar applications. Learn more in the Overview and Description section.