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Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)



The SAR Module is an extension of the NextGen 8 GHz Pulse module and the FMCW base module. A step-motor-controlled linear axis allows movement of the transceiver and antenna and thus produces radar images with defined time-stamps and positions for SAR operations. SAR aggregates the data in a time-multiplex approach. SAR allows producing resolutions which go far beyond results of a normal antenna.


The left image show the measurement arrangement: a table with a parabolic reflector as measurement target. The second image shows a blurry simple FMCW measurement of the target. The third image shows a SAR image, exhibiting the clear contours of the parabolic reflector and the table (in a top-down view).


  • Operating Modes (enabled in the hardware)
    • FMCW (when using the 24 GHz FMCW base unit)
    • Pulse (when using the 8 GHz NextGen Pulse Radar)
  • Scopes (enabled through FreeScopes) 
    •  B-Scope (time-scale), displaying the SAR image
    • A-Scope
  • Amplification
    • Amplification of raw signal (IQ signal) at receiver
    • Amplification of filtered signal in the scopes
  • Filters and Signal Treatment
    • Sensitivity Time Control (STC)
    • Signal Threshold and Limiter
    • CFAR Dynamic Threshold
    • Cutting out selections of the signal range
    • and more
The FreeScopes applications in the SAR and FMCW Base Module get active in a plug-and-play approach, as soon as the radar on its own, or in conjunction with the SkyRadar CloudServer are plugged in.


The FMCW Base Module can be applied to experiment on the following subjects (selection):

  • Experiments on Synthetic Aperture Radars
  • Calibrating a radar setup using amplification, filters and settings
  • Experiments on amplification of source as well as of the signals
  • Allows analyzing performance and false alarm tolerances through adjustment of the sensitivity.
  • Adjustable decision threshold allowing for experiments on background noise.
  • And much more.

Parts (Basic Configuration)

The SAR Module consists of:

  • one (1) linear axis (length on demand) driven by a step motor
  • one (1) control unit providing
    • drive control and visualization system
  • one SAR serverSAR and iSAR control server
  • one (1) SAR management software (included in the server)
    • management software licence
  • one (1) cable set.



The SkyRadar SAR and FMCW Base Module is accessible by an unlimited amount of concurrent users. The broad coverage of solutions useful in ICAO and EuroControl ATCO and ATSEP training programs as well as IATA qualifications make SkyRadar the preferred choice of many aviation academies and IATA TrainAir Plus accredited institutions. Many universities this module within their qualification, education, training or research programs.
This SAR solution is explicitly not developed for military applications.